Samsung Galaxy S3 has same camera sensor as iPhone 4S

iFixit teardown reveals like-for-like camera part

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 4S have the same Sony-built 8-megapixel camera sensor according to the iFixit website

The iFixit website has performed its now customary deconstruction of the newest hot tech on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and found that the box office smash Android handset boasts the same camera sensor as the Apple iPhone 4S.

The five-star rated Galaxy S3 boasts an 8-megapixel camera and we now know that's a Sony Backlight Illuminated CMOS sensor which also appears within the iPhone 4S and indeed Sony own Xperia S smartphone.

However, while the iPhone 4S camera is unrivaled in quality, our reviewer wasn't overly impressed with the quality of the snapper on Samsung's new kid on the block, calling it "decent" but saying it offered "strong" results.

Along with the 8-megapixel sensor on the iPhone 4S Apple gave its snapper a major overhaul with improved optics, allowing more light, better colours and more accurate white balancing. Perhaps that's where the obvious dip in quality lies.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 quickly became the hottest tech property in the UK when it launched in the middle of last week, selling out at many retailers on the first day.

The beautiful 4.8-inch screen, quad-core processor, super-slick design along with a host of bespoke additions from Samsung such as S-Voice, Music Hub and Smart Stay has allowed the S3 to meet and indeed exceed the lofty expectations.