BBC iPlayer's future is mobile

Streaming via mobile data and offline viewing in the works

The way we view television via the iPlayer could soon be changed

The head of on-demand programming for BBC, Daniel Danker, has been at the helm when the iPlayer has broken records, with almost 50 million new catchup requests in a four-month period.

In the last month, the iPlayer has seen a 12% increase from December 2010 and 35% from January 2010 in programme requests, with almost 162 million requests made. While most of these requests were online, the iPlayer's future seems to be in mobile.

Danker said to The Guardian, "The ratio of growth we're seeing [of mobile viewing] is incredible." He thinks that the mobile viewing of the iPlayer will continue to grow, and he thinks people will view the iPlayer differently by the end of the year.

The approach to television has already changed. He said, "When the traditional primetime ends and families do different things – some go to sleep, some leave the living room, others do work – what happens is that people go into their bedroom and are watching on their tablets or on their mobile. That's super interesting to us."

Danker has hinted that newer versions of the iPlayer would include streaming via mobile data, offline viewing and more.

The iPlayer has released its iPad and Android apps recently.

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Via: The Guardian