Apple iPad 3 set for 8-megapixel camera and redesigned casing?

Chinese leak shows off refined build in yet another leak

As iPad 3 fever grips the tech world, the leaks continue to flow. Sunday evening saw a prospective casing enter the public domain displaying a larger rear camera lens

Reports from the far east suggest that the iPad 3 tablet will boast a larger rear camera lens and a slightly refined casing.

Taiwanese publication Apple Daily has obtained photographs through "special channels" which clearly show the differences up against the previous generation devices.

Apple Daily reports that the larger lens translates into an 8-megapixel camera, which is the same size as the snapper on the iPhone 4S. Currently, the iPad 2 boasts only a one-megapixel camera. It's hard to imagine that the iPad 3 will meet the undoubted quality of the latest iPhone's camera, but any improvement would be welcome.

The report also deduces that the casing is more "beveled" in order to accommodate a larger battery.

The story comes following MacRumors' claim that it has obtained an iPad 3 display from the Apple production chain. The blog says it has examined the display and confirmed that we should indeed expect a Retina Display when the tablet is launched.

Via: AppleInsider