Best yoga blocks 2021: Get more from your practice with this useful prop

Whether you're a beginner or yogi master, one of the best yoga blocks will help you push your poses further

Woman using yoga block as a prop
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On the hunt for the best yoga block to help you take your practice up a notch? Read on. Yoga blocks are a great way to get your body used to new movements and work your way towards mastering new poses. If you're struggling to perfect a pose, need a little extra support while you get into position, or want to push your stretches even deeper, a yoga block is a very handy prop to have.

While all you really need for yoga is a mat (check out our guide to the best yoga mats to kit yourself out), added extras such as a yoga block or strap are inexpensive and can make a big difference to your rate of progress. 

Yoga blocks are all roughly the same size but they come in a range of different colours and materials, so you can choose what is best for you. Cork yoga blocks are usually the most expensive, and offer durability, stability, and a high level of traction.

EVA foam is very lightweight and usually cheaper than cork. It's easier to lug to and from your yoga class but it's not as durable or stable. It's also handy to know that both EVA foam and cork are environmentally friendly, so you can practice guilt-free. 

What are yoga blocks used for?

best yoga block: Alo Uplifting yoga block

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A yoga block is simply a lightweight block that provides a surface for extra balance, acts as a guide to get your body in the correct alignment, or can be used to deepen a stretch. 

For example, let's say you're in a balance pose that requires your hands to be on the floor, but you can't quite reach; you can use a yoga block to rest your hands on. This way you can focus on getting the rest of your body in the correct posture, without having to contort yourself just to stop yourself from falling. Rotate the block for a range of different surface heights. 

Similarly, you might place one under your sit bones if you need to elevate yourself in a seated posture. If you're more flexible, you might to prop one foot on a block to deepen a split, or place one flat against your feet for a further reach in a seated forward bend. Your yoga teacher will instruct you when and how to use these correctly as part of your practice, but they are much more useful than they might first appear.

best yoga block: Alo Uplifting yoga block

(Image credit: Alo)

1. Alo Uplifting Yoga Block

The best yoga block overall

Best for: All rounders
Material: EVA
Size: 4" x 6" x 9"
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight+Stylish design+Range of colour options
Reasons to avoid
-Fairly pricey

Our top pick for best yoga block now is the Uplifting block from Alo, made with 100% EVA, with bevelled edges. They're sturdy, lightweight and durable. The surface is nice to touch and grippy. It's not the most important thing, but the design is also pretty cool, and they come in a wide range of colours, so you can match them to the rest of your yoga gear.

Mirafit Set of 2 Natural Cork Yoga Blocks

2.Mirafit Set of 2 Natural Cork Yoga Blocks

The best budget yoga blocks

Best for: Eco-friendly
Material: Cork
Size: L22cmxH14.5cmxD7cm
Reasons to buy
+100% natural cork wood 

With their smooth, non slip surface, these yoga blocks are suitable for a wide range of floors; whether that’s the lino of the local gym or your lounge carpet. They’re lightweight, so taking them to class shouldn’t be a problem, and they’re made from 100% natural cork wood, so they’re environmentally friendly, too.  

H&S EVA Foam Yoga Bricks

(Image credit: H&S )

3. H&S EVA Foam Yoga Bricks

Deepen and elongate your stretches with these EVA yoga blocks

Best for: Colourful option
Material: EVA foam
Size: 23x15x8cm
Reasons to buy
+2 bright colours available +Eco-friendly foam

These blocks are cheap and still eco-friendly, solid and versatile to use. They’re made from EVA foam rather than cork, so they won't deliver on the traction, but the soft surface is comfortable enough to rest hands, feet and even your forehead. There are two bright, bold colours to choose from.

Manduka Cork Yoga Block

4. Manduka Cork Yoga Block

If quality is your priority, look no further

Best for: Light and sturdy
Material: Cork
Size: L23cmxH15cmxD7cm
Reasons to buy
+100% cork+Produced without toxic chemicals

With an Easy-go-grip surface and contoured edges, this yoga block has been designed to help yogis improve their strength and balance. Thanks to its cork construction, it’s suitable to use on a range of floor types, while offering users firmer feel than foam blocks. If you’re looking for a block with more weight, this one is just the ticket, but avoid if you’re looking for a lightweight one to take to class.  

Yogibare Yoga Block

5. Yogibare Yoga Block

Cheap and cheerful, this is a great one for beginners

Best for: Beginners
Material: EVA Foam
Size: L22cmxH15cmxD7cm
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight yet sturdy+Ease you into more difficult postures

If you’re just starting out, you may not want to spend too much on a yoga block. To help you advance through the poses, this block from Yogibare will ensure your body gradually stretches into the moves to avoid any damage. The brand say the blocks are sturdy enough to hold your body weight and help you to align yourself so you’re doing the poses correctly from the offset. 

Lotuscrafts Cork Yoga Block

6. Lotuscrafts Cork Yoga Block

With heaps of five star reviews, this yoga block is certainly worth looking out for

Best for: Durability
Material: Cork
Size: L23cmxH14cmxD9cm
Reasons to buy
+Very sturdy +Non-slip surface

If you’re looking for a quality mid-range cork yoga block, this one from Lotuscrafts is just the ticket. Customers say is doesn’t give like foam blocks, so it should provide plenty of support as you master the moves. The surface is soft to the touch but it offers plenty of traction so you’re not in any danger of it slipping while in use.