dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 review: drag-reducing wettie made from limestone

dhb's wetsuit offers improved buoyancy and less drag at an affordable price point

dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 review
(Image credit: Sophie Higgs)
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The dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 is an amazing value-for-money wettie suitable for triathlons but also open-water swimming, SUPing or any other water-based activities. The unique Yamamoto rubber construction reduces drag and improves buoyancy in the water. And it comes in a variety of sizes, too.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Made from sustainably-made Yamamoto rubber

  • +

    Available in a wide variety of sizes and fits

  • +

    Impressive buoyancy and speed gains

  • +

    Quick to put on and take off

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Be mindful of sizing

  • -

    Less insulated than neoprene versions

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The best wetsuits come in many shapes and sizes, but not as many as dhb's Aeron Wetsuit 2.0, available in no less than nine different options, from extra small to large/extra tall to extra-extra-extra large. It's also made of a more sustainable material than traditional neoprene, limestone-based Yamamoto rubber, which is said to be more buoyant and reduce drag in the water. So, is the dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 the ultimate wettie for those who want to swim fast? I had to find out.

dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 review: price and availability

The dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 is available from Wiggle (Women's / Men's) for a recommended retail price of £180/ $238/ AU$ 325. However, it's often available for a discounted price (the men's version was down to £60 and the women's to £50 at the time of writing at Wiggle), making it a brilliant value-for-money wetsuit. I tested the women's version. 

dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 review

(Image credit: Sophie Higgs)

dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 review: specifications

  • Smoothskin neoprene with HDS coating
  • Super-stretchy nylon backing
  • Yamamoto 39-cell neoprene on front torso
  • Increased flexibility and buoyancy
  • Smooth collar
  • Quick-release cuffs
  • Softer, easy-to-reach tie cord on zip from YKK Group

dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 review

(Image credit: Sophie Higgs)

dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 review: design and quality

Redeveloped for 2020, the dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 is said to blend speed, flexibility, buoyancy and comfort for competitive open-water swimmers and triathletes. It's made from Yamamoto neoprene, a unique, more sustainable material from limestone. Yamamoto rubber is said to be more buoyant than petroleum-based neoprene, and it also reduces drag.

The dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 has 2mm-thick neoprene covering the shoulders, arms, cuffs and hems, and a thicker 3mm Yamamoto 39-cell panel fits across the front torso. The sleeves and underarms are coated in hydro-dynamic silicone (HDS) to reduce drag even more, and the easy-to-reach zipper pull is soft to avoid unwanted abrasions when tucked inside the suit. The YKK zip provides extra durability and prevents flushing through the zips.

dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 review

(Image credit: Sophie Higgs)

dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 review: performance

The dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 is a performance-oriented wetsuit geared towards open-water swimming and triathlons. If I had to pick, I'd say I'm more of an open-water swimmer than a triathlete, so for the review, I set off to a nearby quarry lake to test the buoyancy and speed of the wettie.

The Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 comes with a pair of white gloves, making it safer to the suit on. My nails aren't terribly long, but they aren't cut back completely, either, so I appreciated this thoughtful feature from dhb. I had this random thought that maybe they should sell these gloves to people who wear tights to prevent snags. Completely irrelevant from this review's perspective.

The three-quarter length of the legs and arms made it easier to put on the wetsuit. It exposes your limbs somewhat, but in return, you'll be able to get in and out of the Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 much quicker, which you want in transition zones. I detected no flushing around the hem; however, water was coming through the neck.

The wetsuit felt reasonably insulated in the water, which wasn't too warm at the time. The chest area felt a little restricted. As a female, 5 10" with a 34B bust size, I was recommended the size L to try, but I felt I needed more room around my chest. As always, with wetsuits, there's a fine line between having enough room to move and still being fitted enough to keep you warm. 

I was surprised with how buoyant I felt and could see how this would be useful for triathletes. There was no rubbing, and the fit on the arms and legs felt just right. Removing the wetsuit was easy, thanks to the long tie cord on the zip. It also dried pretty quickly once I had taken it off.

dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 review

(Image credit: Sophie Higgs)

dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 review: verdict

The dhb Aeron Wetsuit 2.0 is a good quality wetsuit for an excellent price (especially in the UK) with an excellent range of sizes. The ¾ length makes it easier to get on and off than a full-leg length suit. Although the wetsuit is tailored to the needs of triathletes, open-water swimmers, SUPers, and other watersport enthusiasts would also enjoy the extra buoyancy and reduced drag.

It dries quickly, so it's not too heavy to carry around after you've been in the water. The buoyancy was very noticeable, so this is defiantly a strong selling point for me. The only downside was the confusion around the sizing, so my advice would be to use the chart, check your measurements against it but then still go up another size.

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