T3 Quick Hit: Carve the waves with the Lokahi Customer Pro Clear stand-up paddleboard

This sleek board is perfect for SUPpers looking to take their hobby to the next level

Summer is here, and that means we're all going to be heading to the seas and rivers that haven't yet dried up for some sun and a well deserved dip. 

If you want a more serious way to to take to the waves, the new stand up paddle board from Lakahi is just the thing for those who want to build upper body strength and balance, whilst having a whale of a time.

The new Custom Pro Clear is a perfect gift for the SUPper in the your life looking to raise their wave-carving game. Available in 7.4, 7.9, 8.4 and 8.11 width models, the board supports rider weights between 50kg-70kg for the first two versions and chunkier, 70kg-100kg chaps for the second two. 

The unique shape and contours of the Custom Pro Clear offers exceptional control and precision, and comes with an FCS Plug for your GoPro, so you can catch the action as you're riding the swel).

The Custom Pro Clear also comes with two leash plugs to divide dorces and increase security, five Future fin boxes (fins are optional) and a Gortex valve. The ultra resistant FCS carry handle is also a great addition when you're looking to high-tail it into or out the big blue.

The Lakahi Customer Pro Clear is €990/£880.50 (for all sizes) from the official Lakahi store.

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