T3 Garden Tech Month 2023: your guide to maintaining and entertaining in your garden

From lawn maintenance and DIY to barbecuing and outdoor cinemas, it’s time to celebrate Garden Tech Month

Garden Tech Month 2023
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Welcome to Garden Tech Month 2023 on T3! June is the first official month of summer which calls for warmer weather, brighter days and time spent outside in the garden. But if your outdoor space is looking tired, dull and uninviting, now is the time to give it a refresh to get it ready for the summer season.

During Garden Tech Month – which will be running from the 1st - 30th June – we’re going to be giving T3 readers a wealth of garden knowledge, advice, tips and tricks, reviews and much more. From maintaining to entertaining and beyond, we’ll be covering different garden-related topics each week so you can make the most out of your garden this summer.

T3 Garden Tech Month Week 1: Garden Maintenance

Starting officially on the 5th June, we’re covering all things garden maintenance. From mowing the grass and trimming hedges, to watering your plants and smart gadgets that do the boring jobs for you, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also be giving you tons of recommendations, including cordless lawn mowers, new pressure washers, the latest lawn sprinklers and garden shears.

Gardening tech

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T3 Garden Tech Month Week 2: Eating

The best thing about having outdoor space during the summer is barbecuing and picnicking, which is why we’ve dedicated the second week of Garden Tech Month to eating! We take al fresco dining seriously at T3 so expect to see reviews of the newest barbecues and smokers, advice on what to cook in your pizza oven (besides pizza, of course…) and why we should start embracing outdoor electric grilling.

T3 Garden Tech Month Week 3: Smart DIYs

Week three is for the DIY lovers and smart home enthusiasts. This week will be pretty expansive and full of DIY advice, including what garden tools everyone needs in their tool box, how to set up outdoor lights in your garden and the types of DIY projects you should be trying this summer.

Gardening and DIY tech

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T3 Garden Tech Month Week 4: Entertainment

To round off Garden Tech Month, we’ll be covering Entertainment. This week will include guidance and tips on how to set up an outdoor cinema, which hot tub is the best choice for your garden and getting the party started with wireless routers and smart speakers. Now that’s entertainment!

Check out T3’s Garden vertical for this month’s Garden Tech content and make sure to look out for the T3 Garden Tech badge on upcoming articles.

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