This outdoor speaker delivers powerful audio and looks like a stone!

Get great audio outside in your garden with this stone-like outdoor speaker

Focal Littora OD STONE 8, outdoor speakers
(Image credit: Focal)

Are you looking for a weatherproof speaker for your garden? Well, the Focal Littora OD STONE 8 should be at the top of your list… and it looks like a stone!

While we all love the best waterproof speakers for their audio performance and versatility, even the smallest speakers can look a little chunky and out of place in your outdoor space. If you want audio in your garden that looks inconspicuous, more and more speakers are being designed to blend into the background, just like the Focal Littora range that look like stones.

When I say stones, I’m not just talking about the colour but actually the shape, texture and overall appearance of the Focal Littora speakers. For those of you who are new to Focal, the French sound specialist brand has been designing and manufacturing audio products for over 40 years, including headphones, car audio and home theatre speakers.

Extending its expertise to the great outdoors, Focal came out with its new range of Littora water and weather resistant speakers in late 2022. The three new speakers – the OD STONE 8, the OD SAT 5 and the OD SUB 12 – were specially developed to bring quality sound to your garden, pool area, balconies, terraces and outdoor areas.

The speaker that’s caught my eye the most is the Focal Littora OD STONE 8. A pebbled-shaped speaker with a texture outer surface, the OD STONE 8 looks discreet, refined and sophisticated. Available in three neutral colours, including limestone, sand and basalt, the OD STONE 8 can sit comfortably in your flower pots, by your pool and camouflage itself in any outdoor surroundings. 

OD STONE 8 speaker

(Image credit: Focal)

Despite the OD STONE 8 being easy to forget once it’s hiding in your garden, you’ll definitely find it hard to ignore once you start using it to play your music or podcasts. The two-way outdoor speaker integrates a bass-midrange speaker driver with Iris IP cones and an aluminium M-shaped inverted dome tweeter. If jargon like that is lost on you, this means that the OD STONE 8 delivers high quality sound reproduction that sounds great and covers large spaces easily.

As the OD STONE 8 is designed to stay outside permanently, the speaker has anti-UV treatment and certified dust and water protection, so it can withstand all types of weather, temperatures and extreme climates. If you’re worried about how the OD STONE 8 will sound in the rain or thunderstorms, don’t be, as Focal has developed it to work in all weather without compromising on sound quality.

For high-end outdoor sound, I think the Focal Littora OD STONE 8 is a great choice, and I can’t get over how much it looks like a stone. I hope it doesn’t only let you play rock music though… I’ll see myself out with that one.

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