Best mobile hotspot 2024: top portable Wi-Fi hotspots for international travel

Use all your favourite apps abroad with one of 2024's best mobile hotspots

When shopping for one of the best mobile hotspots 2024 there are plenty of great options on the market, from affordable entry-level systems to premium products. And that's great, as mobile hotspots are great for staying connected and operating at maximum capacity, especially when abroad, be that during work or play. 

Unlike the fiddly process of tethering to a phone the best mobile hotspots have excellent range, meaning that you can set them up and still get good connectivity even if you are in a different room, which is useful when working in hotel rooms, conventions or anywhere where multiple people will likely need access and they all can't huddle around a tethered mobile. Of course, remember to stick to your mobile Wi-Fi plan to avoid any surprise charges. 

That's why, right here, we've rounded up the best portable mobile hotspots on the market today. We've got budget options right up to premium systems, so we're quite confident you'll find a product that is perfect for your travelling needs. And, speaking of travel, if you're shortly going to be going off on a trip (lucky!) then be sure to check out T3's ultimate travel guide, as well as our best suitcase and best carry-on luggage buying guides.

Best portable Wi-Fi hotspots to buy in 2024

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How to choose the best Wi-Fi hotspot for travel

You'll want a data connection abroad if you want to use WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest abroad, but what you get depends on what you buy. 

The first choice is to buy an off-the-shelf hotspot without a SIM, then buy a separate SIM card from a dedicated supplier or network provider (your current operator might even offer one if you check). This gives you a lot of flexibility.

The other option is to buy an all-in-one mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device that has a built-in eSIM – this all-in-one package will normally come with some free international data, plus the chance to easily top it up online whenever you run low.

Getting everything together in one bundle can potentially save you some money, but make sure you're getting the amount of data you want and compatibility for the countries you're visiting. Prioritise 4G or 5G data if you want an ultra-quick connection, but plan to buy data in bundles to save money. Check the availability and strength of the internet in your destination too, it might be good enough on its own if you're lucky. 

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