These are the 9 gardening trends you need to know about right now

Gardening Trends 2023: for a greener, happier and healthier outdoor space

Gardening Trends 2023
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As we enter the summer months, now is the time that we all gravitate towards the garden for sunny weather, fresh air and the beauty of nature. No matter how much work you put into your garden year on year, there are always new styles, growth and ideas to try… which brings us to the best Garden Trends of 2023.

During T3’s Garden Tech Month, we’ll be bringing you the latest gardening advice, gadgets, reviews and ideas every day in June. From sustainable planting to natural barriers, here are 9 gardening trends you need to try this year, to give your outdoor space a greener, fresher and happier look.

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1. Sustainable planting

For several years, we’ve been seeing a shift towards eco-friendly gardening and 2023 is no exception. This year’s gardening trends prove how making a more sustainable outdoor space doesn’t have to be drab and boring. Instead, these types of gardens are bursting with an array of colours and wildlife.

Upgrading to a sustainable space is surprisingly easy and keeps your garden healthier all year round. Firstly, planting diverse crops that thrive in the season makes your garden look visually appealing and helps maintain soil fertility. Most native plants are better adapted to local conditions and often require less water, fertiliser and pesticides, so you’re doing something good for the environment while also saving yourself some money. For more details on making a sustainable garden, take a look at these 8 eco-friendly gardening tips.

2. Viva Magenta!

The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2023 is Viva Magenta, a shade that’s “rooted in nature and expressive of a new signal of strength”. This powerful red-pink colour can be found in many varieties of flowers, so if you want to inject some colour into your garden this year, Viva Magenta is the best choice. Pansies, foxgloves, carnations, coneflowers and begonias are just a few examples of magenta-coloured florals and can range from brightest pinks to darker reds. While magenta works beautifully alongside green, yellows and blues are our favourite pairings for magenta.

Gardening Trends 2023: Magenta flowers

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3. All about mulching

Many gardening experts have predicted that mulching will get more attention this year. Compared to planting flowers, mulch isn’t exactly the most exciting trend on this list but properly mulching your planting surface is becoming increasingly important. Applying a layer of mulch helps your plants retain moisture, suppress weed growth and regulate soil temperature. Overall, mulching prepares your plants for the ever changing climate and can help them live for longer all year round.

4. Natural barriers

Whether you want privacy from your neighbours or want to bridge the gap between nature and urban life, creating natural barriers is the way to go. Rather than using planters or posts to differentiate between wildlife and walking areas, taking advantage of your plants is more eco-friendly and it can solve a variety of problems you may have in your garden. For example, using a mix of plants and hedges creates wildlife corridors, provides privacy and can reduce noise and pollution from your surroundings.

Gardening Trends 2023: vertical planting

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5. Vertical planting

A great way to utilise your outdoor space is to grow your plants vertically. Not only does vertical planting make your garden look green and welcoming but growing them this way improves air circulation and sunlight exposure to your area, leading to healthier plants. Fun ways to start vertical planting is to introduce trellises, wall planters, hanging baskets and living walls… It's also an eco-friendly way of planting, too.

6. Encourage wildlife

Another key gardening trend this year is to encourage wildlife to visit your outdoor space. There are many different ways to introduce wildlife into your garden and it’s incredibly beneficial to the animals, insects and plants in your outdoor space. Choosing native and long-season plants is a good approach, as is letting your garden get slightly wilder and growing pollinator-friendly plants. Alternatively, adding bird feeders, ponds and areas for composting and growing food will invite more visitors too.

Gardening Trends 2023: Wildlife

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7. Drought-tolerant plants

With climate change in mind, gardeners and designers are seeing an increasing trend around drought-tolerant plants. Growing plants that are resilient and reliable against hotter temperatures and less rain means your outdoor space is less likely to dry out, look dull or die. Instead, these types of plants will thrive in these conditions and you can also cut back on watering and the cost of your garden hose.

8. Grow your own food

No matter the time of year, growing your own food in a greenhouse or in your soil is a fun productive trend to get behind. Growing your own food encourages you and your family to be more self-sufficient and opens you up to more seasonal fruit and vegetables. Researching what foods grow better in different seasons is also great for crop rotation which helps prevent soil depletion, stops plants from dying and reduces the risk of pests and diseases.

Gardening Trends 2023: Grow your own food

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9. Gravel gardens

Gravel gardening is a popular trend if you want a low maintenance garden which also looks attractive. Creating a gravel path or a gravel centrepiece is a great way to utilise your space and they provide a space for planting drought-tolerant plants, especially species like lavender, santolina, salvia, cistus and euphorbias.

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