This DeliVita pizza oven is speedy and eco-conscious… but has a big price tag

DeliVita adds to its pizza oven line-up with two exciting new launches

DeliVita pizza oven launch
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Just in time for the summer months, outdoor cooking brand DeliVita is adding to its iconic line-up of pizza ovens with two exciting new additions: the DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven and the DiaVolo Gas Pizza Oven. Whether you’re an expert al fresco diner or you want to try your hand at making authentic pizzas this summer, DeliVita’s new pizza ovens are sure to appeal to all types of home cooks.

DeliVita is well known for its range of outdoor cooking appliances, with its DeliVita Pro making our list for the best pizza oven. Its new additions complete the DeliVita collection of pizza ovens with the brand now offering four pizza ovens in total.

Both the DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven and the DiaVolo Gas Pizza Oven have been designed to appeal to two different types of customers. For regular pizza makers and pizza oven users, the DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven is an eco-friendly gas version of its classic DeliVita with the added convenience of gas cooking. Alternatively, the DiaVolo Gas Pizza Oven is more suited for those on a budget and pizza making beginners.

The DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven has been dubbed as “one of the most eco-conscious ovens on the market”, according to the DeliVita brand. Similar in style to the DeliVita and DeliVita Pro ovens, the DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven is a perfect blend of Italian design and British craftsmanship. It has a traditional handmade clay composite interior, a Vesuvius stone base and a dome-like exterior shape that’s available in four colours.

The dome shape of the DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven is an increasingly popular style in pizza ovens, for example, the Gozney Dome has a similar shape and aesthetic. The DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven’s dome isn’t just about looks but it also provides a large cooking area which can cook pizza in seconds. It’s not just for pizza either as you can use the DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven to cook meat and fish, or use it as a barbecue or smoker

DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven

(Image credit: DeliVita)

Looking at its eco-conscious credentials, the DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven has a super fuel efficiency that uses just 4.5kw of gas per usage, which the brand says is half the consumption of other ovens. The gas heat and power combined with the clay interior and dome allows the DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven to circulate heat and reach up to its peak temperature quickly.

At £1,595, the DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven is a pretty pricey model. It’s similarly priced to the Gozney Dome although it’s significantly more expensive than the 5-star Witt Etna Rotante and any Ooni options. That being said, the DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven looks to be a luxury pizza oven offering from a reliable brand.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the new DiaVolo Gas Pizza Oven is an entry-level pizza oven which comes with a far cheaper price tag. Lightweight, compact and portable, it’s sure to appeal to many pizza oven beginners or travellers.

DiaVolo Gas Pizza Oven

(Image credit: DeliVita)

Most impressively, the DiaVolo Gas Pizza Oven can be attached to LPG camping gas cans so it can be taken with you on your next camping trip. The DiaVolo Gas Pizza Oven will be available for £349 and comes with accessories like a temperature gun, gas regulator, cover, carry case and pizza peel.

Both the DeliVita Eco Pizza Oven and the DiaVolo Gas Pizza Oven will be available soon on the DeliVita website, select retailers and garden centres.

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