Is there a hosepipe ban? Here's how to find out if your area is affected

Everything you need to know about the UK hosepipe bans

UK hosepipe ban
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The UK is currently experiencing a heatwave… and wow, it’s hot! Whether you’re filling up your paddling pool or you’re trying to replenish your plants, using the best garden hoses is the best way to complete these tasks. But as the weather gets hotter and the need for cold fresh water gets greater, many water companies are being forced to issue a hosepipe ban.

A hosepipe ban is a temporary restriction from using a hosepipe or sprinkler system to water your plants, fill up paddling pools and wash your car or patio. These bans are put in place by water companies when there’s a shortage of water in a specific area of the country. Ignoring this ban could result in a written warning or a penalty of up to £2,000 depending on the water company’s terms and conditions.

So far this summer, a hosepipe ban is set to be enforced by South East Water on the 26th June to households in Kent and Sussex. The main reason for this ban is because 4,000 people in the area were left without water or low water pressure due to supply issues.

As this summer’s forecast is predicted to be dry with little rainfall, more places around the UK may be affected by a hosepipe ban. While nothing has been announced or confirmed yet, water companies are warning people to use water responsibly, so it’s best to conserve your water usage and keep up-to-date with the restrictions in your area.

If you’re not sure what’s going on or whether your household will face a hosepipe ban or not, this is how to find out if your area will be impacted.

How to check if your area has a hosepipe ban

To find out if your area has or will have a hosepipe ban is to check with your water provider. Do this by visiting your water providers’ website and using their postcode checker. Simply type your postcode in and your provider will inform you of any issues in your surrounding area, including whether or not you’re having a hosepipe ban. If you don’t know who your water provider is, you can use Water UK’s postcode checking tool which will show you who your water and sewage providers are.

As hosepipe bans are all anyone seems to talk about when it gets hot, chances are any news on additional areas being affected will be announced. The majority of news outlets, both on TV and online, will cover this and your water provider should contact you in some way to alert you to any hosepipe changes or bans.

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