The Aiper Seagull Plus is the coolest robotic pool cleaner I’ve ever seen

You need to check out this new robotic pool cleaner from Aiper

Aiper Seagull Plus robotic pool cleaner
(Image credit: Aiper)

During Garden Tech Month, T3 has been giving you the best advice on maintaining and entertaining in your garden. A pattern I’ve started to notice is that more and more garden and outdoor technology is becoming smart… which is something I find hard to get my head around.

Smart speakers and displays in the home keep your day-to-day tasks connected and running smoothly. Having the best smart security camera monitors and protects your home from intruders – a must-have for your home security. But after seeing a smart soil sensor, I was seriously intrigued about what other smart gardening devices there are that take care of boring gardening jobs for you… which lead me to find robotic pool cleaners.

If (like me) the best robot lawn mowers are hard to get your head around, you’ll be amazed by the newest release from Aiper. The leader in cordless robotic pool cleaners, Aiper recently launched the Seagull Plus, the newest addition to the popular Seagull series.

The Aiper Seagull Plus is described as an entry level premium cordless robotic pool cleaner. Equipped with all-new upgraded features, the Aiper Seagull Plus effortlessly cleans your swimming pool without you having to lift a finger.

Compared to previous Aiper robotic pool cleaners, the Aiper Seagull Plus performs with a powerful dual motor and 68GPM suction power that cleans up and collects dirt, debris, dust and leaves that may have fallen into your pool. With its 7800mAh battery, the Aiper Seagull Plus delivers up to 110 minutes of cleaning and can clean large pools of up to 1300 square feet.

Aiper Seagull Plus

(Image credit: Aiper)

Aiper specialises in cordless devices and the Aiper Seagull Plus is no exception. It operates automatically with just a simple click and there’s no need for any connection to your pool filter, making the Aiper Seagull Plus incredibly easy to use and set up.

Most impressively, the Aiper Seagull Plus can climb up to 15-degrees in incline to deep clean from multiple directions in your pool. It also has self-parking technology which docks itself at the edge of the pool when it’s finished cleaning or is low on battery. Speaking of battery life, the Aiper Seagull Plus quickly and fully charges in just 2.5 hours and has an LED indicator with four colours of light to indicate its level of charge.

The Aiper Seagull Plus makes me wish I had a swimming pool, just so I can test it out and see how it works. It looks exactly like a robot lawn mower yet it swims, and it might be the coolest smart device I’ve ever seen. The Aiper Seagull Plus is available to buy via Aiper or at Amazon in both the US and UK.

Bethan Girdler-Maslen
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