This retro drinks cooler is what I'm using for garden parties this summer

Keep cool and carry on with the Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler

Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler
(Image credit: Fieldbar)

It’s the final week of T3’s Garden Tech Month and in the last few days of June, we’ll be talking about all things entertaining. From making your own outdoor cinema to enjoying yourself in the best hot tub, there are a plethora of ways to enjoy yourself in your garden this year.

Whether you’re off on a friends’ camping trip, enjoying yourself at a festival or hosting a barbecue in your back garden, you need to keep your food and drink cool and fresh with a cooling box. The best cool box is an essential piece of kit to have during the summer months for this very reason, and their compact size is ideal for protecting your beverages while you’re out and about or lounging in the sun.

If you’re on the lookout for a new cool box this year, I’m obsessed with this retro drinks cooler box from Fieldbar. Fieldbar is a Cape Town-based company that specialises in outdoor leisure products inspired by the African safari. Not only does Fieldbar make premium handcrafted products, like the Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler, but the brand also focuses on sustainable designs that are repairable and replaceable.

The Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler is a high quality hard case cooler box that looks the part while cooling your drinks effectively. Designed with superior thermal performance, the Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler keeps your drinks ice cold for up to 50 hours and has a condensation free construction.

Durable and versatile, the Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler has a 10 litre capacity and measures in at 38cm height x 25cm width. It easily stores your drinks of choice to keep them perfectly chilled, and can hold two wine bottles and two beer cans at a time.

Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler in Sea Boat Blue

(Image credit: Harrods)

When looking at the Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler, I was most drawn to the design and style of this attractive cooler. To me, it looks more like a suitcase and the Fieldbar gold lettering on the outside gives it a high end luxury feel.

The Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler has a colourful shock absorbent and scratch-proof exterior. It’s finished off with a double stitched off-cut leather handle and shoulder strap, making it easy to carry with you on your adventures. Depending on your style, the Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler is available in multiple colours, including Sea Boat Blue, Parisian Green, Safari White, Orchard Orange, Bazaruto Blue and Oyster Grey.

If you’re looking for a new cool box, the Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler is a great choice… if you can get past the price. At £180, the Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler is exclusive to Harrods and lives up to its premium promise.

Is this a bit too expensive for a cool box? Probably, although it’s around the same pricing of the Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler which currently holds the number two spot in our best cool box guide. Regardless of the price, the Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler is made from quality materials, has a non-traditional cooler design which many people will love, and it’s sure to last for a long time.

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