Nest’s smart thermostat lands in UK

Finally, you can heat your home with gadget sorcery

Before today, UK residents looking to heat their homes with Nest's smart thermostat would need to up sticks and migrate across the Atlantic. Put your passports down Britain, Nest's hit our shores.

Today, US firm Nest has announced it will be bringing the Learning Thermostat to humble Blighty.

The device in question gives you control of your heating through an app. Over time, Nest's hub will learn how hot you like your house and at what times - before offering wholehearted heating autonomy.

“It learns through a collection of sensors and algorithms. Since launching two years ago we have done extensive field trials. Nest is the complete system, we've thought about it end-to-end,” says Matt Rogers, Nest creator.

Nest even claims its thermostat can save some of your hard-earned cash by heating your home in off-peak times, as well as using motion sensors to work out whether anyone's actually home.

They've even added a feature that gradually decreases your home's temperature by a single degree over a month, a change Nest says could save you £75 a year.

You can pick up the standalone thermostat for £179, with professional installation bumping the cost up by further £70.

Small change compared to the potential savings which Nest say could reach up to £353 a year.

So far, the Google-owned company had only made their thermostat available in the US and Canada, with the UK release taking time thanks to Britain's awkward heating systems.

“Within five minutes of announcing the original Nest Learning Thermostat, someone asked us to bring it to the UK. Then two people. Then dozens,” writes Erik Charlton, Nest's business blogger.

“Every day since, we've been working hard to create a Nest Thermostat that will change the way our friends in the UK heat their homes.”

“Staying warm shouldn't be a hassle. And now it doesn't have to be.”

By Sean Keach