Catch gnarly waves on this surfboard made from recycled plastic

The company who makes it might surprise you...

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An estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in oceans every year, not only does it impact the ocean, it also has an effect on our health and our wellbeing.

Jaguar Land Rover's ultimate goal is to create zero waste, and today, the company has announced a range os surfboards made entirely from recycled plastic.

The plastic used comes from the life-sized clay models that designers create at the very start of the design process. Polyurethane is used as the model's skeleton, and is usually destroyed when finished with.

This polyurethane will now be recovered and sliced into block, ready for a second life as a surfboard or paddleboard.

You can see the board below:

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The surfboards were created in partnership with SkunkWorks Surf Co and tested by Lucy Campbell, the English Women's Open Surfing Champion off the coast of Northern Ireland.

It is hand-crafted to the exact dimensions (5'7 x 18 3/8 x 2 3/16) required by Campbell, and features carbon fibre rails for additional strength during high-intensity manoeuvres.

You can check out the surfboard, along with Jaguar's stunning E-Type Zero Concept at the JLR Tech Festival, currently running at Central Saint Martins in London until the 12th September.

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