T3 Awards 2024: Design Award winners announced

The four Design Awards in association with Wallpaper* have been revealed

Ruark Audio R810
(Image credit: Future)

It's one thing to have a great product, but another to have a design that stands above everything else. Great design not only performs a purpose but does so elegantly and beautifully. This creates a product that you aspire to own and want to show off. 

First introduced to the T3 Awards in 2022, our design awards celebrate this craftsmanship and sense of style that make these the most forward-thinking design products of the last 12 months. The four design categories are brought to you in association with Wallpaper*, our very own design guru, and cover home, tech, active and automotive. 

Our panel of judges for the design awards included members of both the T3 and Wallpaper* teams to bring you the very best of design across the categories and it was tough to pick our winners. 

While all of our shortlisted entries show great use of design, this year's winners are truly exceptional. Congratulations to all of our shortlist and winners. 

Design Award, Active in association with Wallpaper*

Swarovski AX Visio in the fieldT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: Future)

Swarovski Opik AX Visio

Put together over the course of five years in conjunction with ultra-influential industrial designer Marc Newson, Swarovski Optik’s 75th-anniversary binoculars emphasise impeccable design outside and in. Super-ergonomic and smoothly soft-edged, as is Newson’s trademark, these are packed with innovative logical touches. They can identify animals, with a catalogue of over 9,000 birds making them perfect for avian enthusiasts. They can take snaps right through Swarovski’s 32mm 10x lens system, revolutionising wildlife photography. And they can even network with other AX Visio units, offering fellow watchers an in-eyepiece marker of interesting finds. This isn’t just a design winner, it’s a true flagship that will act as a booster for the entire optics market.

Design Award: Active shortlist

Withings Scanwatch Nova, Cowboy Cross e-bike, BMW CE-02 scooter, REAX RUN, Unistellar Odyssey Pro, Swarovski Optik AX Visio binoculars

Design Award, Home in association with Wallpaper*

Dyson Big+Quiet FormaldehydeT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: Dyson)

Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde

Somehow Dyson has managed to step back from its usual design language yet retain its commitment to a bold aesthetic with the Big+Quiet. It’s not slender, by any means, and you definitely know it’s there, but at only 83cm tall this doesn’t dominate a room, it’s easy to move on its wheels and every element has a practical purpose. The cylindrical base pulls in air for it to be HEPA filtered, the spherical head pushes newly clean air back into the room, and the two in tandem work to ensure that things are circulating rather than just refiltering the same pocket of air. Very clever, and a device which makes a huge impact.

Design Award: Home shortlist

Carl Friedrik The Carry-On X, Weber SUMMIT smart gas barbecue, Dyson Big and Quiet, Proclaim's Custom-Jet Oral Health System, Gozney Arc, Christopher Ward C1

Design Award, Tech in association with Wallpaper*

Ruark Audio R810T3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: Future)

Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram

The way we use home audio is constantly evolving. Ruark’s R810 argues, very well, that we may have reached the point of circularity: that the radiogram makes more sense now than ever. We can’t argue. The R810 is a centre point of sound, acting as a streaming hub, a radio, or as the amplifier for external devices like vinyl or even TV. It’s also a focal point, a stunning and striking piece of furniture that just happens to cram in 180W of 4.1 sound, support for super hi-res sound and Ruark’s utterly delightful tuning. And while its ideals may be approaching antique, its design is equal parts modern and timeless. This is made to last.

Design Award: Tech shortlist

Apple Vision Pro, Clicks Technology, LG CineBeam Q, Ruark Audio R810, HP Spectre Fold by HP, Bose Ultra Open

Design Award, Automotive in association with Wallpaper*

BMW Vision Neue KlasseT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: BMW)

BMW Vision Neue Klasse

If this is the future of motoring, then we’re fully ready for it: the BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept car series looks stunning, and is the sort of vehicle you’d expect to see moving effortlessly through neon-lit city streets in a movie set 100 or 200 years from now. It’s a powerful performer and fully electric, of course, and comes with an innovative and interactive head-up display BMW is calling Panoramic Vision – filling the whole windshield and visible to everyone in the car, not just the driver. Everything else is beautifully minimal, with all kinds of graceful touches included inside and out: headlights built into the grill, e-ink door handles and even an embossed BMW logo on the bonnet.

Design of the Year Award shortlist

TELO Truck, HW Electro Puzzle electric delivery van, Microlino 2.0, Renault 5 E-Tech, BMW Vision Neue Klasse

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