T3 Awards 2024: all the TV winners revealed

The T3 Awards 2024 reveal the best-of-best TVs from OLED to gaming, 8K to affordable – it's all here

T3 Awards 2024 winner
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Television is such a huge part of so many people's lives. From TV shows, to boxset binges, gaming sessions and home cinema setups – the best TVs truly earn their place in the home. TV tech continues to improve year upon year, with brighter picture quality potential and less reflective surfaces now being served up for the ultimate visuals. 

The T3 Awards 2024 in association with Notron celebrates this year's best-of-best products across the site's core pillars – Tech, Active, Home – and the quality of TV releases in the past 12 months has been immense. Not every brand has released new kit, though, as the landscape evolves.

Picking out the best TV overall for the T3 Awards 2024 was a taxing task – especially given the high quality all the shortlisted options below offer. That's why we've broken down this category to highlight the best OLED, the best gaming TV, the best 8K TV, and more – to best match your needs and budget. So let's get to it: here are the 2024 winners!

Best Gaming TV

LG OLED G4 TV reviewT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

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There's easily an argument that the LG OLED G4 is the best TV money can buy today – especially if you love the classic look of traditional OLED. So why are we recognising it as the king of gaming? It's simple really: while the G4 will deliver incredible visual renditions of movies that cinephiles will love, it's also kitted out to the nines with gaming-beneficial features. 

First up, all four of its HDMI sockets are the 2.1 standard, meaning you'll get all the best frame-rates and features from next-gen consoles and more. Secondly, LG's chipsets – it's got an AI brain that's second to none – are able to handle 144Hz refresh, which is future-proofing and a massive lure for PC gamers with the very best rigs. 

Oh, and it's stand-mountable in 55- and 65-inch versions finally – something we've long wanted that its predecessors have lacked. But above all else, really, is that the OLED G4's pictures are simply stunning – handling motion beautifully, while delivering ultra-bright pictures without compromise. You'll get sublime gaming from this set, and it'll perform like a champion for movies and TV viewing too!

Highly Commended: Samsung QN95D

Best Gaming TV shortlist: 

LG G4 OLED, LG C4 OLED, Sony A95L, Hisense U7K, Samsung S95D, Samsung QN95D


Samsung S95D reviewT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

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Samsung S95D

While the Samsung S95D isn't traditional OLED like the LG above – it's QD-OLED (that being Quantum Dot Organic Light Emitting Diode) – there's a lot to be said for its picture quality prowess. Whether in a bright room or dark, this set has the breadth to deliver exquisite picture quality. 

In our review we called it "the zenith of OLED performance", which is why it's picked up the best OLED TV award for this year. Its new anti-reflective coating means it's formidable at negating the most prominent of light, making it even more emminently watchable in all conditions. Pair it with the best soundbar (Samsung's HW-Q990D – also a T3 Awards 2024 winner) and it's an absolute powerhouse. 

Highly Commended: LG OLED G4

Best OLED TV shortlist: 

LG G4 OLED, LG C4 OLED, Samsung S95D, Sony A95L, Sony A80L, Panasonic MZ2000, Panasonic MZ980

Best TV

Sony A95L reviewT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

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Sony A95L

The big ticket TV win this year goes to a set that simply stunned in its picture quality delivery. Like the Samsung S95D, Sony's QD-OLED model – which was released in 2023 and continues in the company's range for 2024 – delivers punchy pictures, yet handles content with real care in the same breath. Side-by-side to its competitors, it's impossible to ignore just how accomplished Sony's set makes everything look. 

However, it does come with the caveat that you'll need a very large piece of AV furniture to place it upon, as the feet are right at both ends of the set. That said, wall-mount this stunning set and it'll be an admirable centrepiece in any home or living room. Oh, and if you don't want to add a soundbar you needn't worry: the A95L's sound quality is exemplary – that it vibrates the actual panel to produce such quality sound is mind-boggling stuff.

So if you're looking for the best-of-best when hunting out the best TV of 2024 – and assuming you've got the space and the cash for a big-time purchase – the Sony A95L is a TV masterpiece. 

Highly Commended: Samsung S95D

Best TV shortlist: 

Samsung QN95D, Samsung S95D, Sony A95L, Sony X95L, Sony A80L, LG G4 OLED, LG C4 OLED, TCL C84, Panasonic MZ2000, Samsung The Frame, Sky Glass

Best 8K TV

Samsung QN900D 8K TV reviewT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

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Samsung QN900D

If resolution is your all and you want that future-proofed next-gen 8K resolution – which is four times the density of 4K Ultra-HD – then Samsung is the champion maker in an otherwise small-scale market. That's why the QN900D stands head and shoulders above the rest.

As said in our review: "the Samsung QN900D is a remarkable technological statement, delivering outstanding performance thanks to a Mini LED backlight with class-leading contrast." It's the artificial intelligence that's really ramped up for this year's set, ensuring even better upscaling to make the most of the hyper-resolute panel. 

Best 8K TV shortlist: 

Samsung QN900D, Sony Z9K, LG Z4

Best Mid-Range TV

TCL C80KT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

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The top tellies of the year do cost a pretty penny – but you don't have to spend a fortune to bag an absolute bargain that's still super-capable. That's where this TCL comes into play, delivering a set with features above and beyond many of its price-comparable competitors (it's worth checking out the company's full 2024 range too).

While the likes of Sony, Samsung and LG are going to charge you far more, TCL's appeal is first and foremost in its pricing. Given the quality on display here, you won't believe how much of a bargain can be had – and across all manner of sizes to suit all needs too.

TCL's Mini-LED wizardry – the company makes its own panels, so has the know-how and can keep those costs down – sits it above its nearest competition. The C84 (C845 in some regions) manages to go big on brightness, yet its pictures are still believable, making it a choice pick.

Highly Commended: Hisense U7K

Best Mid-Range TV shortlist: 

TCL C84, Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series, Hisense U7K, Sky Glass, Sony X85L

Best soundbar

Samsung HW-Q990D reviewT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

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Samsung HW-Q990D

So you've got the best OLED TV in your shopping basket already, but you want to beef up its sound with the best soundbar? Here's where Samsung's top-tier package fits the bill. It's complete with a separate subwoofer, separate surrounds and will truly immerse you in audio. 

What really helps the Samsung HW-Q990D go a step further is just how masterfully it can pair with a Samsung TV. Using the company's Q-Symphony technology – so it pairs with the TV's own speakers to deliver height and perfect sync – the all-encompassing audio experience from this kit has to be heard to be comprehended. You'll love it – but your neighbours might not!  

Highly Commended: JBL Bar 1300

Best Soundbar shortlist: 

Samsung HW-Q990D, LG S95TR, Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar, Yamaha True X SR-X50A, Sennheiser Ambeo Mini, JBL Bar 1300, Sony HT-A7000, Sonos Beam (Gen 2), Denon DHT-S517

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