Best yoga blocks 2024: useful props to further your yoga or Pilates practice

The best yoga blocks take your poses that bit further, whatever your experience level

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If you're in search of the best yoga blocks of 2024 to take your yoga or Pilates practice further, we're here to help. A yoga block is a simple but effective tool that you can use in a number of ways to take your practice to another level; it can be your best yoga buddy when you're having trouble nailing a pose, trying to push your stretches a little deeper, or when you just need extra support while you get into position.

We can't claim that a yoga block or brick has any special qualities; it's essentially a lightweight cuboid that you can use for a bit of balance, or as a guide when you're trying to align your body properly, deepen a stretch, improve flexibility, deepen a split or elevate yourself. For example, when you're in a balance pose where your hands should be on the floor but you find you can't quite reach, you can rest your hands on your yoga block instead (and rotate it to get the the surface height you need). That way you're focused on your posture rather than falling over. See our guide on how to use a yoga block for more details.

Admittedly, the only thing you absolutely need to get started with yoga is one of the best yoga mats, although you'll find that a pair of the best yoga pants can help with those difficult stretches. But investing in a yoga block, wheel or strap is a good way to progress faster, and it needn't cost you very much if you know where to shop.

Read on to learn more about yoga blocks and to find the best yoga blocks available now. Your yoga teacher can also advise you on when and how to use them as part of your practice; they may look a bit basic, but they're much more useful than you might think!

Best yoga blocks ranking 2024

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Yoga block FAQs

What is the difference between a yoga block and a yoga brick?

A yoga brick is shaped roughly like a house brick, while a yoga block is wider and flatter. However, you'll often find the term 'yoga block' as an umbrella term, referring to any support of this kind. Flatter blocks are typically used to sit on for extra height or to provide stability in seated poses, while deeper bricks have a wider variety of uses. All yoga blocks are roughly the same size – the rectangular cuboid shape means you can flip your block onto different sides for different heights of support.

What type of yoga block is the best?

Yoga blocks come in a range of different colours and materials. Cork yoga blocks are usually the most expensive, and offer durability, stability, and a high level of traction. EVA foam is very lightweight and usually cheaper than cork. It's easier to tote to and from your yoga class but it's not as durable or stable. It's also handy to know that both EVA foam and cork are environmentally friendly, so you can practice guilt-free.

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