Best eye cream for men 2023: fix the effects of a hectic lifestyle

Awaken, hydrate and firm up your eye area with the best eye cream for men

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The best eye cream for men can awaken, hydrate and firm up your eye area within a matter of minutes. If there’s one area of skin you should focus your attention on, it should be your eyes. They’re the biggest betrayer of age, emotion and health and require all the TLC you can muster.

Late nights, hangovers or even allergies will have an effect on the fragile fabric around your eyes, and rather than risk the raccoon look, a dab of the best eye creams for men can help restore normality. You may have realised that the women in your life have probably been applying eye cream since their mid-twenties and now, thanks to the influx of male beauty products on the market, you can, too.

What’s needed is a unique potion to fortify the skin and banish all signs of a hectic lifestyle, leaving you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every day. Our list of the best men’s eye creams covers a range of products that are renowned for reducing the signs of aging. From names like Clarins to obscure brands such as Shiseido, our guide features gels, creams and balms which all differ in their properties – just remember that youthful looks come at a cost!

If you're looking to fully refresh your grooming routine, we'd suggest you check out the best moisturisers for men, to keep your whole face feeling fresh, as well as the best men's fragrances, to ensure you're always smelling your best.

Best eye cream for men 2023 ranking

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How we test the best eye creams for men

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When we review eye creams the process is fairly simple – we use them! First, we look at the ingredients in the cream – looking out for those key active ingredients that actually do something, then we assess how the eye cream feels - whether it's oily or sticky, for example. This is an important consideration because ultimately an eye cream should feel good when you're putting it on – it should be a pleasing experience.

Of course, the most important factor when looking at these eye creams is the results. We test these creams in a real-world environment and assess how they affect our skin while living our normal lives. If they can successfully hide that we had a rough night, that's a win in our books! Finally, we'll look at less important considerations, such as fragrance and packaging.

How to buy the best eye cream for men

Whether you’re looking to banish dark circles, plump out fine lines or maintain smooth, hydrated under eyes, a targeting eye cream or serum is your best bet. Some eye creams have been specifically developed to treat one thing, while others offer a more general tidy up. When looking for eye products to target specific problems, you need to identify what ingredients effectively counter them. 

So, where should you start? When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Are you met with bags and wrinkles that make your eyes appear sallow and tired? If so, you should look out for an eye cream that contains Hyaluronic Acid, as it is known to flatten and fill unwanted lines. 

If the skin under your eyes is dry and taut, Hyaluronic Acid is a hydrating ingredient, too. Some plants aid in the production of collagen and elastin, which renews the skin; and vitamin-rich eye creams can help to keep skin youthful. If you suffer from dry skin around the eyes, look out for hydrating eye creams.

Caffeine is great for tired, puffy eyes, Vitamin C to brighten dark ringed eyes and Retinol to lift and smooth fine lines. But whichever eye cream you choose, apply the cream each morning before applying a sturdy SPF moisturizer for added protection.

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