Best mattresses for back pain 2021: Banish aches and pains with the right mattress

Enduring spinal discomfort? These are the best mattresses for back pain sufferers

Tweak Slumber NRem mattress
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Looking for the best mattresses for back pain? Then firstly, let us share up our sympathies. Back pain can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining, and so it's not surprising you'd want to do everything you can do to reduce it. And replacing your mattress is very likely to help; particularly if your current one is old, saggy and past its best.

While others will be happy with any model from our best mattress guide, those suffering from back problems might want something more specialised, which is where this guide comes in. There's no one mattress, or even one type of mattress, that is guaranteed to solve your problem, because there are many types of back pain, and many possible causes – so first, it's important to see your doctor about your pain, and if necessary be referred to a chiropractor. 

In general, though, a mattress that's between firm and medium-firm is going to be best for back pain sufferers. Softer mattresses tend to let your body sag in the middle, which will stop your spine from naturally aligning and distort it over time. So even if your mattress is relatively new, if it's too soft it might still be worth replacing.

In this article, we list the best mattress for back pain sufferers on the market today. We explain how each differs from each other, and how to choose between them to suit your personal needs. Before you buy, be sure to head to our roundup of the best cheap mattress deals for any discounts – the mattress market often has sales on. 

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Simba mattress review

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Memory foam mattresses are believed by many to be the best for back pain sufferers, because they adapt to your shape and cradle your body in a way that promotes good spinal alignment. However, in practice, many customers complain that all-foam mattresses make them feel stuck or trapped in the material. They can also trap heat, making them uncomfortable on a warm night. 

To get the best of both worlds, the Simba Hybrid Original combines body-contouring memory foam with a supportive layer of conical pocket springs. With five layers in total, it does a great job in distributing your weight and relieving pressure points on your hips and shoulders. This mattress is by no means the only model on the market to combine springs and foam, but its clever construction makes it one of the best and most supportive, at a very reasonable price (check out our Simba discount codes and deals page to get one even cheaper). So we feel this is the best mattress for back pain sufferers overall.

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2. Tweak Slumber Nrem

The best customisable mattress for back pain sufferers

Depth: 25cm
Type: Memory foam
Comfort grade: Soft/medium
Reasons to buy
+Specifically designed for pain relief+Customisable+Comfortable and supportive

Not sure whether you get on best with a medium, medium-firm or firm mattress? Brilliantly, this mattress is customisable, allowing you to tailor the firmness levels in different areas to your personal preference.

Designed specifically for pain sufferers, the Tweak Slumber Nrem mattress is divided into five zones, each with an interchangeable foam insert ranging between soft, medium and firm. This allows you to tweak the firmness of each area until you create the perfect sleeping experience for you. This is especially useful if you sleep with a partner, because you'll no longer have to compromise between the firmness levels that suit you and them: you can simply divide up the mattress accordingly.

This fabulous mattress is constructed from five layers, mixing memory foam and springs, and is comfortable and supportive in all the right places. And if you're not sure about how to customise it, the company provides a useful guidance for how to do so, depending on whether you're suffering lower back pain, hip pain or upper back pain. 

Sealy 1400 Nostromo

3. Sealy 1400 Nostromo

A clever combination of 1,400 pocket springs and breathable latex

Depth: 16.24cm
Type: Hybrid
Comfort grade: Medium
Reasons to buy
+Good pressure relief+Cooling and anti-microbial +Which? Best Buy winner
Reasons to avoid
-Not ideal for heavier people

A different type of hybrid mattress to those mentioned earlier, the Sealy 1400 Nostromo combines pocket springs with a luxury pillowtop layer of latex. (This is a material that many consider a cut above memory foam, as not only does it mould effectively to your body shape, but does so while remaining cooling.) With its 1,400 pocket springs, the mattress responds to the movement of your body, while the latex layer offers pressure relief, which is particularly important for side sleepers. 

To add to the cooling and breathable nature of the mattress, it features a Tencel cover, which is naturally temperature-regulating and anti-microbial. Having been awarded the Which? Best Buy Award, you can fully expect this mattress to deliver on comfort and support. Note, though, that in terms of firmness it's a medium, so this is not the best mattress for heavy people.

Relyon Memory Superior Ortho Support 1500 Pocket Mattress

4. Relyon Memory Superior Ortho Support 1500 Pocket Mattress

A great choice for back pain sufferers that stays firm and cool

Depth: 27cm
Type: Spring and memory foam
Comfort grade: Firm
Reasons to buy
+Firm and supportive+Air vents keep mattress fresh+Edge-to-edge support

Featuring 1,500 individual responsive pocket springs that move with your body, plus a 50mm layer of memory foam, when it comes to mattresses for back pain, this model delivers on all fronts. With a firm comfort grade, it ensures your back is supported and pressure points are relieved, while the memory foam topper adds an extra dimension of softness and comfort. The mattress also features air pockets to keep it fresh and ventilated, plus a soft knitted cover for added luxury. Also note that you don’t need to flip it, and the side is also lined with air vents to improve airflow.