Zoma Mattress review: An attractive option for athletes, but a great design for couch potatoes too

Can the mix of sleep-enhancing materials in the Zoma Mattress provide a great night’s sleep? I trialed it to find out

Zoma Mattress review
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T3 Verdict

If you’re keen on buying one of the latest memory foam mattresses, the Zoma Mattress three-layer design makes for an excellent buy. Its good-quality structure provides a subtle mix of cloud-like comfort and support, while its sturdy edges ensure maximum sleeping space. The mattress has been designed to ensure an optimum night’s sleep for anyone particularly sporty, but has all the key features to provide anyone with a restful night’s sleep. While there are no handles on the side to made transportation easier, the mattress doesn’t need to be rotated, which makes maintenance easy. I found it particularly comfortable for side and back sleepers and is best suited for those who like a medium-firm feel.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Excellent edge support gives you maximum sleeping space

  • +

    Medium support has a nice bit of bounce to it

  • +

    Responsive ‘Reactiv’ layer bounces back and retains shape

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Memory foam is not for everyone

  • -

    Medium-firm might be too soft for some

  • -

    Lack of handles on the side means transportation is harder

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To get a good idea of how comfortable and supportive the Zoma Mattress is, I slept on a king size version for a month. I also asked friends of varying weights and heights to lay on the mattress and give me their verdict, to see if the Zoma Mattress deserved a place in T3's best memory foam mattress guide.

With the help of their feedback, I’ve rated it in terms of overall comfort, design, edge support, motion isolation, temperature regulation and value, which I’ve touched on in more detail below.

Zoma Mattress review: Price and availability

The Zoma brand has been selling mattresses in the USA since 2019, but only launched the Zoma Mattress in the UK in 2023. While the Zoma Hybrid mattress is available in both the US and UK, this particular Zoma Mattress, which is made from memory foam, is only sold and manufactured in the UK.

The Zoma Mattress is a mid-range mattress and at the time of writing, it’s heavily discounted with up to £250 off the RRP with free shipping and returns. I think it’s an excellent buy for a good-quality memory foam mattress that ticks a lot of boxes in terms of comfort, motion isolation technology, edge support and cooling.

Here’s what you can expect to pay for the Zoma Mattress: Single £699 (£949) / Double £499 (£749) / King £599 (£849) / Super King £699 (£949). The discounts on its website go up and down throughout the year. It’s worth checking the Zoma website regularly and checking in on the best cheap mattress deals to ensure you get the best price and also check out the competition.

For peace of mind, it’s good to know that Zoma repurposes its excess foam and will recycle your old mattress for free. All materials are certified Eco-Friendly by CertiPUR and made without ozone depleters and are low in VOCs to eliminate odors.

Zoma Mattress review: Design and features

The Zoma mattress is made up of three layers that make up the thick and sumptuous 30cm and creates an enticing medium-firm mattress design. At the top of the mattress is an open-cell, pressure-relieving gel memory foam that designed to be breathable to ensure that the mattress stays cool – even on the hottest nights. 

The mattress has a ventilated zippable ‘AirCloth’ cover that is meant to wick away heat and moisture as you sleep. It’s made from polyester and spandex.While it’s made from an ultra-stretchy knitting, Zoma advises that you don’t take this off as it’s hard to get back on again, but that you can spot clean the mattress when needed. 

The second layer of the mattress is ‘Reactiv’ layer that is designed to bounce back quickly so that the mattress retains its shape and responds to the shape of your body – softly contouring and providing good pressure relief where you need it most. This layer prevents sinking in so you don’t feel like you’re stuck, but have that nice bounce back instead, when laying on top.

To keep the structure firmly in place and promote good spinal alignment, the mattress is complete with a Support+ foam base, that makes up the bulk of its 11.8 inch | 30cm depth. This is designed to aid the hip and shoulders to naturally align your spine as you sleep. I really enjoyed laying on this mattress and found it easy to find a suitable sleeping position – particularly on my side and back. This mattress also has impressive motion isolation technology and having shared it with my partner over the course of the month I can report that it’s a good buy for anyone with a particularly fidgety partner – and vice versa.

Zoma Mattress review

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Zoma Mattress review: Comfort and support

Zoma describes this mattress on its website as a medium-firm design. Due to its combination of design and technology, it also states that the mattress is popular with athletes as it helps them get a deeper sleep. While there’s no indication of firmness illustrated by a scale of 1 to 10 like you find on some mattress company websites, I’d give this mattress at 6 out of 10 in terms of firmness.

While there are no springs inside, the mattress has good bit of bounce and provides good pressure relief. This was instantly noticeable upon laying on the mattress and is something that was confirmed to me night after night sleeping here. At 5ft 2, I have a petite frame and often like to start the night curled up to the side of the mattress and eventually lay on my back and then back again on my side. I slept on this mattress with my partner who is 6ft and likes to sleep on his side and front. We both found it a little softer to what we'd been used to, but soon adjusted to its medium firmness and felt at ease.

To gage some sort of measurement on how much pressure relief and ‘give’ there is here, I placed an 8kg weight in the middle of the mattress to simulate a person’s body. I measured the sinkage at 1.3inches | 3.5cm, which seems to be average for a good memory foam mattress and shows it’s held together well.

I asked a couple of friends of varying heights to try the mattress and those that sleep on their side and back found it the most comfortable. It seemed to respond to everyone who had a go at testing this bed, gently contouring the hips and shoulders and providing pressure relief as they moved from side to side. One front sleeper said that while it was relaxing to lay on it, she felt that she would prefer something a little firmer when sleeping on her front. The other front sleeper didn’t seem to mind at all and found it comfy. With this in mind, I think this mattress is good for sleepers of all positions – but those who prefer the softer side of a medium firm mattress.

Zoma Mattress review

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Zoma mattress review: performance

Three key things to consider when choosing a memory foam mattress that’s right for you are temperature regulation, edge support and motion transfer. During my time sleeping on the Zoma Mattress, I was keen to discover just how well the mattress scored in these areas as I detail below.

Temperature regulation

Associated with overheating in the past, memory foam mattresses have come a long way in terms of temperature regulation technology in recent years. Zoma mattresses are particularly popular with athletes due to the breathable and responsive foams used inside that keep them at an optimum temperature at night and in turn help to provide deeper undisturbed sleep. I think this is also a reason for anyone who wants to remain at the optimum temperature during the night and get a good sleep to choose this mattress.

Having slept on the mattress over the winter months when the room temperature never went below 64 degrees F | 18 degrees C, I can confirm that it did well to ensure I never got too hot – or too cool for that matter. It’s hard to say whether this will still be the case when the nights get more balmy, but so far so good, and I will also be updating this review when summer arrives. On one night, I used a heated blanket to warm up the bed before sleeping. It was interesting to see that the mattress didn’t retain the heat throughout the night, but naturally cooled to a comfortable temperature. I think this is an indication of just how good the cooling properties here are in this breathable design.

Zoma Mattress review

(Image credit: Emily Peck / T3)

Motion isolation

I found the motion isolation technology here impressive, as did my partner. I have tried numerous hybrid designs and the responsive memory foam here does well to provide the similar bouncy feel you get with a hybrid, while limiting transfer. Not one who’s overly keen on that sinking in sensation you can sometimes get on a memory foam mattress, I think the Reactiv’ layer does well to stop you feeling stuck, while also limiting motion transfer. Meanwhile, the gel memory foam inside the mattress subtly contours the body. When I moved, the mattress effortlessly bounced back and kept its shape. This movement seems to stay in one place and didn’t transfer too much to the other side of the mattress.

To measure just how good the motion technology is here, I used an empty wine glass and a 3kg weight. I placed the wine glass in the middle of the mattress and dropped the weight from 4cm away, 10cms and then 25cms away. The wine glass stayed put and surprisingly didn’t topple, which is testament to how good the motion isolation is here.

Edge support

Good edge support is key to a comfortable mattress as it helps to provide a secure foundation when you’re getting in and out of bed in the morning. It also improves the sleeping surface of the mattress and with good edge support you won;t feel like you’re rolling off the side when you sleep. As someone who likes to curl up to the side of the bed when sleeping, edge support is one of the first things I check in a mattress, followed by how well the corners hold together when I sit on them. 

To confirm how good the edge support is here, I used my heaviest 8kg weight to get a measurement of the sinkage. At 3.5cm, the sinkage was around the same as the middle of the mattress, which shows how evenly balanced the mattress is. While the corners and edges still have some give, I think this mattress has one of the better edge support systems I have come across in recent years, which is why I’m giving it top marks. 

Zoma Mattress review

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Zoma mattress review: verdict

In my opinion, I'd definitely recommend the Zoma mattress if you want a luxuriously thick memory foam mattress. At 11.8 inches | 30cm, this mattress is slightly thicker than your average 25cm memory foam design but it has a good depth to it and a structure that feels secure and evenly balanced.

With three layers of mindfully sourced memory foam materials and a breathable cover, this mattress is both supportive and comfortable and has a nice bit of squish to it. Surprisingly, you do not need to flip or rotate your Zoma mattress, which takes the strain out of maintenance. The side with the cover should always remain facing up.

While I really enjoyed the balanced medium-firm feel of this mattress, I do think that perhaps it’s not for everyone. If you like your mattress on the firmer side, you may want to consider alternative options. Although this mattress comes with a zip, once the mattress cover comes off, it’s very hard to put back on and it doesn’t come with handles on the side. So, for if some reason you need to be able to easily move this mattress to another room, it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s not the easiest to maneuver.

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