Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review: a budget-friendly and cosy offering

T3 tests out the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress in super king size. Is this mattress fit for a king?

Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review
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T3 Verdict

I've never slept better than on the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress, and after ditching my decade-old one I've been genuinely shocked at how much more comfortable it is. I look forward to getting into bed and find it extra hard to get up now in the morning, and would recommend this mattress to basically anyone – even if the super king sizing wasn't the easiest in terms of delivery or setup.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Soft top with medium firm feel

  • +

    Very comfortable and supportive

  • +

    Good temperature regulation

  • +

    Washable cover

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Limited edge support

  • -

    Super king was awkward for delivery and setup

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Welcome to T3's Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review. I've slept on this mattress for over a month now and this is my considered take.

Will this be the best mattress for you? Well, I'm guessing it very well could be, but let's dig in to the details as while the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress has led me to sleep much better than on my old mattress, there's a few things I think any prospective buyer should be aware of.

The Eve Original Hybrid sits in the middle of this mattress brand's range, between the Lighter mattresses and Premium mattresses. All are available in foam-only or hybrid versions. Our testers have been impressed with all the Eve mattresses we've tested so far – head to our Eve Lighter mattress review and Eve Premium Hybrid review for a taster of what to expect if you want to spend a bit more, or a bit less. Now, let's get into my Eve Original Hybrid mattress review.

Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review: price and sizes

As with all mattresses, you should take 'RRP' with a pinch of salt – discounts are regular and significant. Check for any Eve deals and sales or Eve Sleep discount codes before you buy.

The Eve Original Hybrid Mattress is available in UK single, UK double, UK King and Super King sizes. The single mattress retails for £499 at the time of writing, with the double priced at £799, the king at £899 and the super king at £999. Today's best Eve Original Hybrid Mattress deals can be viewed below.

Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review: delivery and setup

I'm lucky enough to have a large bedroom and a super king bedframe, meaning that I needed to order a super king Eve Original Hybrid Mattress. The mattress was delivered out of a large truck by a single delivery driver who, quite naturally, requested help in moving the very large super king mattress box into my home. Eve delivery drivers will move the mattress into the 'entrance of your home', which for me was the hallway at the bottom of my stairs.

Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review

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My experience here was this. Despite being vacuum packed and boxed, the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress in super king size was massively heavy and, due to its proportions, difficult to move let alone lift. This package weights 48kg and the box measures 44.5x44.5x180cm.

You needed a minimum of two people to move this thing and, let me tell you, getting it up my staircase, around the corner of the landing, down the landing and into my partner's and my bedroom was very, very tough.

Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review

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Now, look, it's a super king mattress right and you should expect this to a degree. I'm not complaining as much as making prospective buyers aware of the experience that they may have to go through.

You need to go into ordering an Eve Original Hybrid Mattress in this size with your eyes open. You will need multiple people to lift and move it, and you will need to consider clearances in your home, as even the mattress boxed is a serious unit.

Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review

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Once the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress was in my bedroom and roughly positioned on the bedframe in its box, my partner and I proceeded to open it. This involves stripping the box away and then freeing the mattress from its rolled, vacuum-packed wrapping.

When you do this the mattress will naturally start to both unroll and expand, so you need to work relatively quickly to ensure that mattress is positioned correctly before it expands to full size as, guess what, it's harder to move when fully expanded. Remember, the super king Eve Original Hybrid weighs 41kg alone.

When the mattress was fully out of the packaging we then left it to complete its expansion and filling out, which as advised by Eve, takes a few hours. You can see a picture of the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress in position below.

To be clear, Eve Original Hybrid Mattress comes with a set of instructions that guide you through this setup procedure.

Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review

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Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review: design and comfort

In terms of design, I really liked the clean, simple and bright finish of the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress. The mattress itself is covered in a removable, washable cover, which has a bright white dimpled top, grey side panelling and a bright yellow rim that runs round the edge of the mattress. You also get a free Eve sloth mascot plush (see image below), which I thought was a nice touch and something that my daughter enjoyed claiming ownership of.

Which brings me round to the actual comfort of the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress. This, for me, was where the everything clicked and the pain of delivery and setup was all suddenly very worth it.

The Eve Original Hybrid Mattress has many different layers, including a top cover, comfort layer, memory layer, support layer, set of pocket springs, and an extra support layer, and let me tell you, it combines fantastically.

Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review

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The mattress' finish in terms of feel is medium firm, which is exactly how I like my mattresses, yet despite this no matter which way I slept on the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress I couldn't help but also feel very softly and lightly suspended by it, too.

It deforms very evenly across its whole surface and, despite from the very edges of the mattress, which do have a little bit of run off in terms of stability, this mattress was a master of support and comfort.

I'm, depending on my mood (and how much alcohol I've drunk!) a back, side and front sleeper in turn, and I was amazed at how the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress morphed to accommodate me each time. Keeping sleepers aligned no matter their position is a big thing for any mattress, as it is the number one cause of back pain, so the fact that I didn't have to concern myself about how I was sleeping and could just let the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress work for me was really welcome.

Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review

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I was also really impressed with the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress' temperature regulation and isolation, too. My partner is a sleeper who likes to be super-duper warm when sleeping, while I prefer to stay cool, and specifically keep my feet cool. The Eve Original Hybrid Mattress accommodated us here, with my partner's side of the bed retaining heat for her once introduced, while for me, my preference delivered with a top sheet and foam that seemed to remain cool when exposed.

At the time of testing Britain was going through a notable cold snap, so the fact that the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress performed like this also gave me confidence it would work during the hotter, summer months, too. Clammy, heat-retaining, dense mattresses are awful when it gets properly hot, so I'm glad to see the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress can both retain and shed heat easily.

Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review

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Eve Original Hybrid Mattress review: verdict

Overall my experience with the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress has been transcendental. My more-than-a-decade-old mattress has been blown away by the Eve Original Hybrid in every way, from layers to comfort to temperature regulation and onto general looks and feel.

And, the thing is that the Eve Original Hybrid is not even the firm's most premium mattress, with the Premium Hybrid taking layers and spring count up even more. Will that more expensive mattress be more comfortable that this? Most likely, but I kid you not that, for me, the Original Hybrid has been like a square shape going in a square hole perfectly.

It's medium firm finish is exactly what I prefer from my mattresses, and I've genuinely been amazed at the comfort delivered by its combination of four foam layers and 800 pocket springs.

Where I can't say the experience was so great was in terms of delivery and setup. Now, look, I appreciated that this is a one-off thing that a buyer should only have to do once, but the super king size really seemed to push both delivery and setup to an awkward level.

Be under no illusion, even vacuum sealed in its box, the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress was massive and super heavy to lift and after helping the delivery driver actually move the thing into our house, it then took a serious operation to get the thing up my stairs, down my landing and into my bedroom. Even just positioning the mattress on the bed frame and then freeing it from its vacuum seal, which ended up being a bit of race against time to get in positioned right before the mattress fully expanded, was a trial.

Are these factors deal breakers? Absolutely not, but if you want a large size mattress you need to go into a purchase with your eyes open. Eve's official delivery policy is that: "We’ll deliver to the entrance of your home. If you live in a block of flats, this is the main entrance of the flat building."

So unless you bedroom is on the ground floor, I would say you need a minimum of two people to move a larger size mattress, and in terms of a super king, maybe even three, as me and my wife really did struggle. Overall, though, I think the Eve Original Hybrid Mattress will be the ideal mattress for a lot of people.

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