Tempur Pro SmartCool review: a memory foam mattress with customisable firmness

This mattress changed my mind about memory foam, but is it right for you? My Tempur Pro SmartCool review answers that question.

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The Tempur Pro SmartCool is a premium mattress that offers exceptional levels of comfort, cooling and motion isolation... so much so, it's exploded all my personal prejudices against memory foam. Though expensive, its customisable firmness, superior pressure relief, and 100-night trial make it a worthy luxury option for hot sleepers seeking extra support. Just be aware that if you don't like it, you have to wait 60 days before you can return it.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Comfortable and supportive

  • +

    Good pressure relief

  • +

    Effective cooling

  • +

    Superior motion isolation

  • +

    Multiple firmness

Reasons to avoid
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  • -

    60-day wait for free trial

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These days, mattresses are made with a wide range of materials. But they're most often centred around springs, memory foam or a combination of both. And let me put my cards on the table: I'm really not a fan of foam. 

Although some people love the 'cradled' feeling they get from memory foam mattresses, personally I tend to feel 'stuck' and not in a good way. I much prefer the greater bounce that you get from sprung or hybrid mattresses.  

So believe me, I'm surprising to be writing this. But I've honestly found the Tempur Pro SmartCool Mattress – a premium memory foam mattress and a new model from the brand – to be supportive, comfortable and floaty in all the right ways.

This is, in short, the most comfortable memory foam mattress I've ever tried, and there are other things I like about it too. It is, however, pretty expensive. So is it the best mattress for you and your budget? Read on, and I'll give you the information to make that decision.

Note that this mattress should not be confused with the TEMPUR Pro Air SmartCool Mattress, which is a Dreams exclusive.

Tempur Pro SmartCool mattress review: Pricing and availability

The Tempur Pro SmartCool Mattress costs £1,399 for a single, £1,589 for a double, £2,299 for a king or £2,599 for a super king. You can choose between soft, medium, medium-firm and firm. The mattress is delivered free to all mainland UK addresses and carried directly to your room of choice in a compact box. 

If you buy the mattress directly from Tempur they offer a 100-night trial period, allowing you to try it at home fully before committing. Note, though, that you must agree to use a breathable protector to prevent your mattress becoming unnecessarily stained or soiled, and you'll need to keep your mattress for a minimum of 60 nights to adapt to the "unique feel" of the mattress. 

If you're not satisfied after that, you can return it for a full refund. Only one mattress trial is available per household or delivery address. 

Closeup on Tempur Pro SmartCool Mattress

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Tempur Pro SmartCool mattress review: Unboxing

For this review, Tempur sent me a King Size version of the Tempur Pro SmartCool Mattress with a Medium Firm level of softness. It arrived wrapped in plastic, and once you remove that, Tempur suggests you leave the mattress for a couple of hours to fully settle. To be clear, though, this is not a 'bed in a box' style mattress but arrives fully inflated. There was a faint chemical smell to it, but not particularly unpleasant and quite mild.

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Tempur Pro SmartCool mattress review: Design and construction

The Tempur Pro SmartCool is 21cm deep and made up of layers of Tempur's next-generation Advanced Material and a DuraBase support core. No, I don't know what that means either, but basically it's a special type of memory foam that, essentially, they claim is superior to other types of memory foam. Although they're probably never going to tell us any more than that because they don't want competitors copying the formula.

3D representation of Tempur Pro's inner layers

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Its standout feature is a removable SmartCool cover with a specialised fabric (again, a proprietary formula) designed to absorb excess heat and help regulate sleep temperature. This zip-off cover is also machine washable.

The mattress comes in four different firmness options – Soft, Medium, Medium Firm, and Firm – to suit different sleeper preferences. No matter which of these you choose, the Pro SmartCool officially does not require flipping or rotating thanks to its multi-layer construction.

Tempur Pro SmartCool mattress review: Performance

When it came to lying on it, I wasn't sure what to expect. The Pro SmartCool is meant to provide premium pressure relief by closely adapting to your body shape and weight. Tempur claims this reduces pressure points and promotes better spine alignment. However, as I mentioned earlier, I personally don't get on with memory foam well and generally find it too restrictive. So I wasn't really expecting great things.

To my surprise, though, I instantly found the mattress incredibly comfortable and supportive. It cradled my body without making me feel stuck or restricted. I very much felt like I was floating on top of the mattress, in a similar way to a sprung or hybrid model, rather than sunk into it. So much so that I actually went back and double-checked they hadn't sent me a different mattress by mistake.

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The memory foam conformed to my shape, yes, and the pressure relief the mattress provided when I slept on my side was very satisfying. But I in no way felt trapped or stuck like I have done on other foam mattress. It was much closer to the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

So what of the SmartCool cover, which is designed to create a cooler sleep environment by absorbing body heat? Well, that also performed well. I'll be frank and say that I don't generally have a problem with regulating my temperature at night. But I did appreciate the cooling effect of the material every time I hunkered down, and certainly never got overly warm or sweaty during the night. 

Finally, I tend to toss and turn a lot, so I was pleased to find the motion isolation on this mattress was superb. My movements barely translated across the surface, making it easier for my partner to sleep undisturbed throughout the night.

Tempur Pro SmartCool mattress review: Maintenance

Tempur mattresses are designed for a no-flip, no-rotate experience to minimise maintenance. The mattress cover, meanwhile, can be easily easily unzipped and removed for machine washing at up to 40°C.

Closeup on Tempur Pro SmartCool Mattress

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Tempur Pro SmartCool mattress review: Verdict

Despite my general skepticism about memory foam mattresses, I'd wholeheartedly recommend the Tempur Pro SmartCool for its exceptional comfort, support, and cooling capabilities. I also like how the multiple firmness options enable you to customize the mattress feel to your personal preferences. 

It does comes at a premium price point, with models starting around £1,399 for a single. And at just 21cm deep, it's not the absolute deepest mattress on the market. But for hot sleepers looking for a luxury feel, superior pressure relief in a memory foam mattress, the Pro SmartCool may well be worth the extra spend. Plus the long 100-night trial lets you experience the full benefits before deciding if it's worth the investment.

Tempur Pro SmartCool mattress review: alternatives to consider

If you're looking for a cheaper option, we'd recommend the Zoma Mattress. Despite its affordable price, our reviewer found it provides a subtle mix of cloud-like comfort and support, while its sturdy edges ensure maximum sleeping space. Another worthy contender for your cash is the Origin Hybrid Mattress, which our reviewer found firm and supportive, despite also not being a fan of memory foam in general.

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