Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review: pick your firmness preference with this outstanding luxury hybrid

The Brook + Wilde Elite mattress is a high-end hybrid – but do those 8 layers add up to a perfect night's sleep? Here's our review

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Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review
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The Brook + Wilde Elite delivers the perfect balance you want from a hybrid mattress: a nice bit of bounce from the springs, and a memory foam upper that moulds just enough to your body to be delightfully comfortable... without giving you that quicksand feeling. The option to pick your firmness level helps elevate this mattress from competition, too.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Choose your firmness (including extra-firm)

  • +

    Luxurious feel

  • +

    Perfect balance of support and softness

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Expensive at full price

  • -

    Cover slightly loose

  • -

    Longer delivery times

The Brook + Wilde Elite mattress is a luxurious hybrid with eight layers – including 2,500 pocket springs and various foams and memory foams – designed to deliver the perfect night's sleep. Like all of this premium British brand's mattresses, you can pick your firmness: Soft, Medium or Firm; when we reviewed, there was an Extra Firm option, but this is no longer available. We tested out the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress in Firm to see how it performed compared to the rest of the entries in our best mattress ranking. 

The Elite is currently one of three mattresses from Brook + Wilde, and sits in the middle of its range, between the popular Brook + Wilde Lux mattress (with five layers) and the new Brook + Wilde Ultima (10 layers). Read on for our full Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review.

A note on price before we start. We're at the upper end of the market here, but don't be put off: the winter sales are packed with bed bargains. Check out the Brook + Wilde Black Friday deal, or see how it compares to the rest of the Black Friday mattress deals around. Add the code BF45 at the checkout to knock 45% off the price of the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress. 

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review: design and comfort

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress: Specs

Depth: 28cm
Firmness: Choose soft, medium, firm
Sizes: Single, double, king or super king
Material: Foam and springs
Needs flipping? No
Delivery: Free (inc set-up)
Returns: Free
Trial: 100 nights
Guarantee: 10 years

Let's kick off our Brook + Wilde Elite review with a closer look at the design. The 28cm thick Brook + Wilde Elite is available in four UK sizes: single, double, king and super king. There are eight different layers here, making it one of the most complex designs we've come across... although the B+W Ultima has a whopping 10. At the bottom is a support base sitting on top of a non-slip base, which works well to provide stability. 

In the middle you'll find two layers of springs sandwiching a support foam layer. The lower level of 1,000 135mm pocket springs provide bounce and pushback, while an upper level of 2,500 mini pocket springs adapt to your body to relieve pressure. Between the two is a layer of support form, which, unusually, is shaped like a wave: the extra thickness at the top end of the mattress offers extra support under your spine and shoulders. (We couldn't feel any variation in firmness when lying on the mattress, but we did feel very well supported, so we'll assume it's doing something behind the scenes.)

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

At the top is a layer of next-gen memory foam to mould lightly to your body and relieve pressure points. Brook + Wilde says it has an open cell structure to improve moisture evaporation and aid breathability. In practice, it does still trap heat a little, but that's pretty much inevitable with memory foams, and it's one of the cooler models we've tried in this respect.

On top of this are two covers: a memory foam protector that removes friction between the foam and the top fabric, and a four-way stretch top cover that zips off and can be machine-washed, which we're always pleased to see. There was a little extra loose fabric on our removable cover, which doesn't cause any real issues in use, but is a little sloppy on a mattress this high-end. 

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

We found the memory foam provided the perfect balance of softness and support – on the Firm model we tried, it moulded very lightly to the body to relive pressure without bringing that 'sinking' sensation you can get with some foam mattresses. There's also a nice level of bounce from the springs, which we have found isn't always present in hybrids where there's a thick memory foam topper. That makes it easy to move around on. Essentially, this delivered everything we want from a hybrid mattress.

An unusual, and welcome, selling point is the ability to pick your firmness level. Want something marshmallowy and cosy? Go for the Soft. Need more support from your mattress? Try Firm, or go for the Medium for some middle ground between the two. We tested the Firm, which we'd say is around a 7 or 8 on the softness scale.

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review: Delivery and small print

Like the cheaper Lux, this is a bed-in-a-box mattress, which means it's delivered vacuum packed and rolled. Brook + Wilde will set it up in a room of your choice, which is a good thing because it weighs a ton once expanded. There are sewn-on handles to help if you do need to maneuver it, but it's no-flip so other than tucking sheets around it, you shouldn't need to move it around much. Because these are made to order, you'll have to wait a little longer than usual for delivery, too: around 2-3 weeks.

You have a 100 night comfort trial to make sure you love the mattress, which is about standard for most mattress brands. During this time, you can switch to a different firmness level or a different mattress free of charge, or even just request a refund. There is also an old mattress recycling option, with a very reasonable £25 fee. Finally, there's a 10-year guarantee. 

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review

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Brook + Wilde Lux mattress: price

The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress sits at the premium end of the mattress-in-a-box market. At full price, a single Brook + Wilde Lux mattress costs £799; a double £1099; a king £1199; and a super king £1299. At RRP, it's a similar price to the Simba Hybrid Pro, and slightly more expensive than the Eve Premium Hybrid. Hybrids are typically more expensive than memory foam-only mattresses, and this one contains two layers of springs.

Remember too that pretty much all mattress brands run regular sales, so chances are you won't need to pay full price. Head to our Brook + Wilde mattress deals page for the best current offer.

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review: what did other people think?

Choosing your mattress is a very personal thing, so to get a real idea of how it performs it helps to consider other people's experiences too. Because this is a relatively smaller and newer company, there aren't as many reviews as you'd find for competitor brands. However, the reviews that do exist are largely extremely positive. 

On TrustPilot, Brook + Wilde had a 4.5 average over 500+ reviews at time of writing, with 83% of reviewers giving it the full five stars. A few were impressed to receive a followup call to ask how they were getting on with their purchase, and many praised how comfortable and well made the mattress was. Reassuringly, we found some comments from customers who had taken advantage of the ability to swap for a different firmness level, and found the process smooth and quibble-free. On the down-side, a few noted issues or delays with delivery. 

Should I buy the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress?

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

We're big fans of this mattress. In terms of comfort and quality, we'd struggle to fault it; it's supremely comfortable, won't overheat, and provides a nice amount of buoyancy and bounce. The ability to choose your firmness level is a big plus in our book – as well as the option to swap up or down a level during your trial period if it turns out you chose wrong.

So what about that price tag? While it's not exorbitantly expensive – in fact, it's roughly in line with other comparable 'luxury hybrids' like the Eve Premium Hybrid and the Simba Hybrid Pro – the fact remains it has a higher price tag than most of our best mattress ranking. At full price we're on the fence about whether it's that much better than the other models in our list. BUT. There are regular deals that knock down the price. If you spot one of these, we'd recommend jumping on it ASAP. 

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