Brook + Wilde Lux mattress review: a luxurious mattress tailored to your exact preferences

Does Brook + Wilde's premium six-layer Lux mattress live up to its rave reviews? We tested it to find out...

Brook + Wilde Lux mattress review
(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)
T3 Verdict

The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress has a unique six-layer design that encourages back support and spinal alignment. With three different firmness levels to choose from, it can be perfectly tailored to your needs. It's a little pricey, but highly recommended.

Reasons to buy
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    Three firmness levels

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    Built-in handles

Reasons to avoid
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    Only four sizes available

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    Cover not removable

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The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress is "perfectly crafted to give deep and restful sleep", according to its maker – and its overwhelmingly positive reviews appear to back up the claim. So does it live up to the hype? We're always looking for the best mattress, so we reviewed the Brook + Wilde mattress to find out. 

This mattress boasts a luxurious, carefully crafted six-layer design, and a fairly hefty price tag to match (although a Brook + Wilde mattress deal can help take the edge off – right now, for example, if you add the code T335 at the checkout you can knock 35% off the price). In fact, it's the cheapest of the current range: there's also the Elite (head to our Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review for more on that one), and the Ultima, which has a 10-layer design (find out more in our Brook + Wilde Ultima mattress review) and the Perla, with a ridiculous 14 layers.

Read on for our full Brook + Wilde Lux mattress review for all the details.

What is the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress?

Brook + Wilde Lux mattress review

The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress is available in three firmness levels: soft, medium or firm

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress is a 28cm deep mattress from luxury British bedroom brand Brook + Wilde. It's a hybrid mattress, which combines the comfort of memory foam with the support of no less than 3,000 pocket springs.

These springs are distributed across two of the mattress' six layers. A durable breathable mattress cover sits on top, following by a cooling layer of memory foam designed to mould to your body, and eliminate motion transfer if your partner is prone to wriggling around in the night.

Beneath that is the first layer of 2,000 mini pocket springs, engineered to move in tandem with your body as you turn in your sleep, and reduce pressure points. An additional layer of extra-dense supportive foam aids spinal alignment and helps support your shoulders.

Brook + Wilde Lux mattress

Diagram showing the six different layers of the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

Another layer of 1,000 larger 135mm pocket springs is beneath that, providing the bounce and push-back your mattress needs. Finally, a base layer of specialised support foam gives the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress structure and solidity.

The Brook + Wilde Lux is available in four UK sizes: single, double, king and super king. As a bed-in-a-box mattress, it comes neatly rolled and vacuum packed. What's more, Brook + Wilde's free premium delivery includes set-up in the room of your choice, so you don't have to lift a finger.

Like most of its bed-in-a-box competitors, the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress comes with a 100-night trial. If you've chosen a particular level of firmness and find it's not suitable, this gives you the option to swap it out for one of the other two levels, free of charge – or opt for a full refund if you prefer. This versatility is another huge plus-point for the brand in this market.

Brook + Wilde Lux mattress: Price

Brook + Wilde Lux mattress

The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress has a stylish textured top cover – but it's not removable

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress sits at the premium end of the mattress-in-a-box market. At full price, a single Brook + Wilde Lux mattress costs £499; a double £699; a king £799; and a super king £899. This puts it on a par with the Nectar mattress.

It's £70 more expensive than the all-foam Emma Original mattress  (which we currently think is, overall, the best mattress you can buy), £50 more than the Simba Hybrid mattress, and £150 more than the Otty Hybrid.

Here’s how the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress RRP compares to that of its rivals:

  • Brook + Wilde Lux: £499 (single), £699 (double), £799 (king), £899 (super king)
  • Simba Hybrid: £449 (single), £649 (double), £749 (king), £849 (super king) 
  • Emma Original: £429 (single), £649 (double), £699 (king), £799 (super king)
  • Eve The Original: £349 (single), £599 (double), £699 (king), £799 (super king) 
  • Nectar mattress: £499 (single), £699 (double), £799 (king), £899 (super king)
  • Leesa mattress: £450 (single), £650 (double), £750 (king), £850 (super king)
  • The Casper: £400 (single), £600 (double), £700 (king), £800 (super king)
  • Otty Hybrid: £374 (single), £549 (double), £649 (king), £749 (super king)

For true mattress connoisseurs, Brook + Wilde also produces the even more premium Elite mattress range. With a total of eight layers – including a washable cover, and a thermo-regulating layer, infused with natural balm – the Elite ranges from £699 (single) to a somewhat eye-watering £1,199 (super king).

How comfortable is the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress?

We tested the medium-firmness Brook + Wilde Lux mattress, and found it provided an excellent, very supportive night's sleep – particularly if you sleep on your side, or regularly roll from your back to your side.

Brook + Wilde Lux mattress: specs

Brook + Wilde Lux mattress

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

Depth: 28cm
Firmness: choose soft, medium or firm
Sizes: single, double, king or super king
Material: foam and springs
Needs flipping? No
Delivery: free (inc set-up)
Old mattress recycling: yes
Returns: free
Trial: 100 nights
Guarantee: 10 years

As new parents, our reviewers were used to regularly disrupted sleep; as well as neck, shoulder and back pain from lifting, bouncing and rocking. Since testing the mattress, there has been a marked improvement in sleep quality (if not quantity)! 

All three versions of the Lux mattress have been ergonomically engineered for comfort. The 'wave technology' layer is designed to be particularly supportive of shoulders and hips – complementing the upper layer of memory foam effectively.

Brook + Wilde describes the 'medium' mattress as "the perfect balance of support and sink". We found the comfort from the layer of mini pocket springs was particularly noticeable when you roll over, helping the mattress mould around your body effortlessly.

While the medium option occupies the middle ground between cosiness and supportiveness, Brook + Wilde likens the 'soft' to "a luxurious marshmallow", and the 'firm' is described as "less springy, but more supportive." 

Personal preference is key: remember that within the 100-night trial, you have the option to try all three if you're not quite sure which is right for you. While the medium is ideal for side- or back-sleepers, we found it had a little too much give for front-sleepers – if this is your usual preference, the 'firm' could be a better option.

Compared to a pure-foam mattress, the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress has a decent spring to it – largely provided by the second layer of larger 135mm pocket springs. You don't sink too far into it, and it returns to its original shape promptly.

Brook + Wilde Lux mattress

The free premium delivery service includes unboxing and setting up your mattress – and recycling your old one

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

Over and above the sleeping experience, the free premium delivery service, with full set-up included, is a nice touch to elevate the whole customer experience a little more – as is the option for free removal and recycling of your old mattress.

Everything that comes with the mattress is beautifully designed, and the attention to detail adds to the premium feel. A playful definition of 'mattress' on the side of the box adds a touch of personality, and Brook + Wilde's minimalist welcome pack incorporates some playful puns, if you like that kind of thing: dubbed the 'Welcome Brooklet', it promises an experience 'Beyond your wildest dreams'.

Anything not so good to know about the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress?

There's really not much to dislike about the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress in terms of performance, but the slightly higher price point than some of its also-excellent competitors could be enough to put some people off. Because it's not currently sold through online retailers such as Amazon, discount offers are harder to find too.

There are also only four UK sizes available: single, double, king and super king. While this will cater to most situations, competitors such as Emma and Simba have a larger range, which also incorporate US and EU sizes.

Unlike the more expensive Elite range, the mattress cover in the Lux range is also not removable for washing – spillages must be wiped with a damp cloth instead.

Brook + Wilde Lux mattress: user reviews

Personal preference is a big factor when it comes to choosing a mattress, and there are many factors that can determine its level of comfort and support for you – your weight, sleeping style, or any existing health issues, such as back pain, for instance. We also only tested one of the three firmness options available. With this in mind, to give a more rounded, balanced picture we've also consulted over a hundred online user reviews to help you make a more informed decision.

Based on the 114 reviews for the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress on TrustPilot, people absolutely love this mattress. It has an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 – in fact, 96 per cent of the reviews are five stars, with the remaining 4 per cent at four stars. Many reviewers describe their experience as the best night's sleep they've had.

Although some users found the mattress they initially bought wasn't quite suitable for their needs, they praised the ease with which it could be exchanged for one of the other two options. 

For instance, one user found the medium mattress too soft – rating it 4-5 out of 10 for firmness – and opted to exchange it for the firm version, which they rated 7-8 by comparison, and much preferred. Another, whose sleeping preferences are at the other end of the firmness scale, described their soft mattress as "like a hug".

Should I buy the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress?

Brooke + Wilde Lux mattress review

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

Yes. The Brook + Wilde Lux mattress is an excellent choice. Its innovative multi-layered technologies give you the balance of support and comfort you need to get a restful night's sleep. But the real masterstroke comes in the choice between three levels of firmness, which maximises the reach and appeal of the range in a market where personal sleeping preferences are key. 

A 100-night comfort guarantee may be a common sight in the mattress-in-a-box market, but that ability to dial the firmness up and down (for free) during that trial period – rather than just opting for a refund – is a big selling point.

The medium Brook + Wilde Lux is particularly comfortable for side-sleepers. If you're a front sleeper, you may prefer either the firm Brook + Wilde Lux, or to opt for one of the many other excellent brands in this market – such as the all-foam Emma Original, our overall pick for the best mattress you can buy right now, which is slightly cheaper. That said, the absence of a single negative review for the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress on TrustPilot speaks volumes for its quality.

Brook + Wilde Lux mattress: Alternatives to consider

The best alternatives to the Brook + Wilde Lux mattress is the Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress. Both of these mattresses are relatively similar in terms of price and make-up. The Lux from Brook + Wilde is 28cm deep with a total of six layers consisting of memory foam, pocket springs and more. The Simba Hybrid Pro is deep and plushy with 28cm depth and seven layers of support. See how the two brands compare to each other in our Simba vs Brook + Wilde showdown.

If you want a mattress from Brook + Wilde but aren't sure which one, our personal favourite is the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress which got 5 stars in our review. It has 8 layers of comfort and support, and is very luxurious so it's a nice step-up from the Luxe.

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