Best hand warmers 2024: winter's essential pocket partners

Beat the chill with these portable heat heroes

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As the winter chill creeps in, it's time to warm up to the idea of the best hand warmers to keep those frosty fingers at bay. After all, when Jack Frost comes knocking, your extremities are the first to feel the nibble, and unless you fancy your fingertips turning into icicles, you'll want one of these pocket saviours.

With a plethora of rechargeable and reusable hand warmers on the market, there's no excuse for chilly digits during your winter escapades. Whether you're hitting the trails, walking Fido, or cheering on your favourite team in the cold stands, these pocket wonders are an absolute must-have.

Sure, you could opt for gloves – check out T3's guide to the best cold weather gloves. But when temperatures plummet, nothing beats the cosy embrace of a little extra warmth to get the blood flowing. There are plenty of budget-friendly options here to keep both your hands and your wallet happy.

Whether you prefer electric, liquid fuel, or chemical reaction hand warmers, we've got you covered. Dive into our hand warmer FAQ to unravel the differences, and read on to discover the best companions to keep snug in your pocket when the winter weather strikes.

Best hand warmers to buy right now

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