Best golf drivers 2020: tee off with the best driver for your playing style

The best golf drivers are the true heroes of the golf bag. Make sure you get the right one…

Best golf driver

 Winning or losing is separated by a fine line that's only matched in subtlety by your swing. Since this can help or hinder your game massively, it makes sense to get the best possible driver for the ultimate chance of putting you ahead from your very first swing. 

These are the golf drivers that can help you do just that. 

The best golf drivers you can buy today

Best golf drivers: Callaway Rogue

Callaway has been hard at work to improve its already impressive driver range and as a result the Rogue has been given some serious appeal. The body is more stabilised thanks to an hourglass shape and thinner jailbreak bars, resulting in a faster ball for you. That weight distribution also makes this more forgiving so even on your off-day this could keep you firing straight and far. 

There are plenty of options to suit just what you need, from a maximum forgiveness Standard head to an added fade bias of the Sub Zero head or sole weight adjustable 2g and 14g Draw head versions for slicers. 

Best golf driver: Titleist 917

2. Titleist 917

The best for those seeking customisation

Customisation is the next big craze to the hit the world of golf, and American brand Titleist is hoping to get in on the action with the 917 driver. 

For a price tag just shy of 400 sheets you're getting the Swiss Army Knife of drivers, with the ability to adjust even the smallest of elements to improve your swing. With this in mind, the Titleist 917 is definitely for advanced players looking to polish the finer details of their game.

Best golf driver: Ping G30

3. Ping G30

The best golf driver for beginners

The latest driver in Ping's long-standing G series see's the American firm take the already brilliant G30 and make a few extra tweaks here and there to make it even more attractive. 

This is one very forgiving club to take to the fairway, making it ideal for both beginners and intermediate players. The Dragonfly crown design might not appeal to pros, but you'll certainly be slicing longer and straighter shots in no time with this in your arsenal.

Best golf driver: Ping G400

4. Ping G400

A step up from the G30 for intermediates

While Ping's G30 takes third place on this list, the G400 is so good it needs to fit on here too. 

This is a 460cc version of the G400 which makes for a super forgiving club that'll work with whatever swing effort you send its way, for great results. The rear of the clubhead is weighted better using tungsten while a lighter face helps with alignment. 

The facelift makes it look a lot better than previous models too so you can proudly slide this out of the bag with confidence – always a good thing to have before your driving shot. Not the cheapest driver, sure, but you get what you pay for here. 

Best golf driver: TaylorMade M3

5. TaylorMade M3

The best high-tech golf driver

The step up from the M2, this TaylorMade M3 driver has been created from human data collection to offer the best possible club. The result is the Twist Face which should offer straighter drives on miss-hits and enhanced reduction in distance loss thanks to the way this works with bulge and roll. 

The sole houses two 11g weights that can be moved independently to alter launch, spin and shot shape as you need. Plus there's a bigger sweet spot thanks to a new Hammerhead Slot which is supported by beams at the edges. 

One of the pricier options here, but with all that tech crammed in it's easy to see where the money has been spent. 

Best golf driver: Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

6. Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

The best golf driver for fast, straight shots

As you can probably tell by now, customisation isn't the only buzz word 'driving' driver designs in 2018 - creating balanced clubs that are forgiving, with a greater focus on straighter shots is also the name of the game. 

Callaway's brilliantly-named Big Bertha Fusion marries an aerospace-grade titanium body with a triaxial carbon crown and sole. The end result is a solid bit of kit that's ideal for golfers hoping for faster shots with much less twisting.

Best golf driver: Yonex Ezone Elite

7. Yonex Ezone Elite

The best budget golf driver

The new EZone Elite from Yonex packs plenty of features into a package that retails south of £100. 

For a start, there's the EZone's famed Octaforce technology, which can now be found in the club face as well as the crown (providing a lower and deeper centre of gravity as well as more repulsion). Like most drivers on our list it's pretty forgiving on a swing despite offering a lower spin and higher launch.

Best golf driver: Wilson Staff D300

8. Wilson Staff D300

The best lightweight golf driver

Wilson has started 2017 strong with the release of the D300 range, with the D300 Driver leading the way. It's one of the most inexpensive clubs on our list and, much like the Yonex EZone Elite, it does perform or feel like a club at this price range. 

It's also one of the most lightweight drivers we've ever taken to the fairway, offering a smooth and solid club for gaining some big yards.

Best golf driver: Cobra Max

9. Cobra Max

The best golf driver for high handicaps

If you happen to have a relatively high handicap and you're looking for a solid driver to get you back to a better figure, then you'd struggle to find a more agreeable option that the Cobra Max. 

Its 460cc head size and offset design make for a very forgiving feel, with a setup that should help you reduce your slice and hit longer, faster balls down the fairway. 

Oh, and it's got a price tag below £200. What more reason do you need to add this to your arsenal?

Best golf driver: Mizuno JPX-900

10. Mizuno JPX-900

The most versatile golf driver

Mizuno's latest offering is the JPX 900, one of the most versatile and adjustable drivers the Japanese manufacturer has ever produced. 

Its profile is longer, wider and much shallower than normal tour drivers, creating a powerful tool that's going to give you faster speeds even when you strike the ball off-centre. And you can easily adjust its loft or switch shafts thanks to a handy Quick Switch hosel. A pricey choice, but a solid one nonetheless.