Best dog crate 2019: a safe space for your precious pet

Keep your dog safe in comfort and style with our pick of the top pet cages and carriers

bets dog crates 2019
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Every dog needs a safe space, so why not make it a stylish one, too? Both trainers and vets agree that dog crate training is one of the most effective ways to encourage desirable behaviour in a dog; it might seem cruel at first, but dogs instinctively love being in a den, and they'll love a comfy crate.

If you're away from home, a dog crate offers peace of mind: your precious pet won't be able to lay waste to your furniture or floors. And when you need to take your dog away, that crate can offer them a familiar safe space.

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 Choosing the best dog crate 

A crate can help with housetraining and offer a nervous dog sanctuary and privacy, but it's important to consider your particular dog. If you have a canine prone to destructive behaviour, lightweight materials might not last particularly long; if your dog still hasn't quite gotten the hang of the garden routine, an easily washable base is essential.

You'll also need to ensure your particular breed has room to stand up and turn around in their crate, not just now but, if they're still a puppy, when they're fully grown. That confinement can offer serious security. Do ensure, too, that you get something tough enough to withstand larger dogs' escape attempts.

Don't just think about the dog. The owner is also a pretty important consideration: make sure your crate can fit in your car (or get a secondary crate if you're opting for a furniture crate) and pick something that's not going to be an eyesore in your home. 

 The best dog crates to buy now 

Lords and Labradors dog crate

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Lords And Labradors Dog Crate Set in Sophie Allport Runner Duck

Great for style and sanctuary

Reasons to buy
+ Comfortable cushion + Easy to clean + Range of sizes + Blends in well

Comprising an Ellie-Bo dog cage and Lords And Labradors' stylish cushion and cover combo, this is the ideal luxury crate set for those dogs that love their privacy – and owners which appreciate a little homely style.

The handmade covers on either the front or side openings offer your dog some sanctuary even when the double-fastened doors themselves are open, and they're emblazoned with Sophie Allport's Runner Duck design. With its striking striped edging, it fits in basically any modern kitchen.

A waterproof liner, within the cushion cover, protects both against moisture and filth, keeping the bed cleaner and fresher for longer. Everything's washable, and you can choose your crate colour too.

Fido Studio dog crate

(Image credit: Fido Studio)

2. Fido Studio

Great for a safe spot in a modern home

Reasons to buy
+ Flexible options + Double exits + Tough construction + Melamine top surface 

Cleverly designed and attractive modern dog furniture, with a two-doored space for your pup and the option of a storage wardrobe for treats and toys. The Fido Studio also offers a whole host of custom sized beds and clever accessories with which to fill it. 

As long as you use the bottom tray, this should be durable enough to house your dog from puppy to old age – and that permanence will help them stay safe and comfortable throughout their lives.

And let's not forget: this is furniture, and you can put things on top of it. A small bonus, perhaps, but it does mean this isn't wasted space.

Amazon basics dog crate

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3. Amazon Basics Dog Crate

Great for mobility and simplicity

Reasons to buy
+ Large range of sizes + Door options + Bargain price + Great for the car 

Your dog, as much as you might anthropomorphise them otherwise, doesn't actually have an opinion on style. They won't be offended if you pick up something practical and cheap – and Amazon's Basics effort is definitely both of those things.

This cartable cage comes in a range of sizes, right up to a 55" model which should suit gigantic mutts, and you can select either a single or double door configuration depending on where it's going to live. 

The tray slides out for easy cleaning – all you need to do is supply bedding and perhaps a blanket to fling over the top for some extra cosiness.

Hunt and Wilson dog crate

(Image credit: Hunt and Wilson)

4. Hunt and Wilson

Great for customising a corner

Reasons to buy
+ Hand-made quality + Sturdy wood build + Rustic looks + Custom-build available 

If you're leaning more towards the furniture end of the dog crate spectrum, Hunt and Wilson's handsome wooden crates are a real highlight. You can have them customised with a plaque sporting your dog's name, and they're lifted slightly up from the ground to aid air circulation and cleaning. 

While Hunt and Wilson offers two sizes and five colourways by default, the company is willing to go completely bespoke: if you'd like a custom paint job, or a made-to-measure crate for your specific pooch's dimensions, you can get it.

Cheeko easy up fabric kennel

(Image credit: Cheeko)

5. Cheeko Easy Up Fabric Kennel

Great for canine travel

Reasons to buy
+ Folds completely flat + Soft walls + Crate-top entry + Camouflaged colours 

While more orally-fixated dogs might not allow this to last too long if it's a permanent fixture in the home, it's a very neat travel solution, with a sturdy inner tubular frame. 

Perfect for a camping trip thanks to its anchoring points to the ground, and sturdy and escape-proof enough for use for an occasional trip to the vet, Cheeko's soft crate packs into a flat case when you're done – and if you're not keen on surrounding your pet with metal bars, this three-entry soft box is a comfy solution.

Karlie transport box

(Image credit: Karlie)

6. Karlie Transport Box

Great all-rounder

Reasons to buy
+ Offers a lot of privacy + Disassembles for cleaning + Flight-safe + Wheels on large models 

Certified by the IATA, this transport box is suitable for everything from air travel to car transport to working as a private area for your dog in the corner of a room.

If you're struggling to remove a particularly shy dog at the vet, the Karlie Transport Box has another trick up its sleeve – unclip the sides, twist the secondary catches, and the whole top section lifts off.

You'll need to add a little padding of your own, but since it's a plastic and metal construction it's easy to hose down once in a while – and larger versions come with optional wheels, so you don't need to lug that gigantic dog around.