The best cheap Beats deals in February 2018

The finest deals and cheapest prices for Beats by Dre headphones you'll find anywhere

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Looking for a great deal on the most popular headphone brand on the planet? You're in luck, as we've tracked down the cheapest Beats headphone deals on the net.

Beats headphones are considered to be amongst the best in the business. So if you're serious about music, Beats are definitely worth a look. Wireless Beats are often cited as the best headphones for the iPhone 7 too.

With lots of different models to choose from, choosing which one is the best for you can be a bit of an, er, earache. We can help though as we've run through the details on each of them below. Once you've found a match, you can take advantage of our price comparison charts that are packed with the cheapest Beats headphone and earphone deals.

The cheapest Beats headphone deals

cheap beat solo 3 wireless deals

Beats Solo 3 Wireless

We really love the new Beats Solo3 Wireless. It's a well-built wireless headphone that sounds good in both wireless and wired modes. They are comfortable to wear and the battery life provides up to 40 hours of listening time. The remote control built-in to the right ear cup is intuitive and easy to use. But the newest feature is the W1 chip, Apples new Bluetooth technology, that improves battery life and makes pairing the headphones with Apple effortless. 

Beats X Wireless

As well as the more standard black and white, Beats X is also available in grey and blue. While Apple has all four colours available from its online store, it looks like only black and white are available from some retailers at the moment).  The in-earphones were announced just after the iPhone 7, the AirPods and alongside the superb Beats Solo 3 Wireless over-ear headphones, all of which feature Apple’s W1 wireless chip which augments Bluetooth for easy reconnection to your iOS device as well as easy device switching between your iCloud-registered devices.

Beats by Dre Powerbeats 3 Wireless deals

If you're living the active lifestyle and need a lightweight way of delivering tunes to your skull you should consider the popular Powerbeats 3 Wireless headphones. The 12-hour battery life is great for multiple lengthy workouts between charges and the wireless tech is excellent for tangle-free times.

beats by dre solo 2 wireless

Beats Solo 2 Wireless

There will be some fab deals on the Beats Solo 2 thanks to the newer Solo 3 model. 

These little headphones are very versatile. They have been designed to fold inwards to make them easy to pack into your bag. The rubber-topped headband creates a firm grip around the head for those who want to wear them running. But more importantly they have some of the best noise isolation through the outer coating creating a seal around the ear. 

beats by dre studio wireless

Beats Studio Wireless

The Beats Studio are a pair of great feeling, good looking headphones that feature noise cancellation to help you completely wipe out the rest of the world. Many agree they are the best sounding Beats headphones, but as with most Beats headphones the sound quality doesn't utterly match the prices. Even more reason to pick up a pair on Black Friday. 

beats by dre pro deals

Beats Pro

Here we have the first of our wired options, Beats Pro. On first impressions the size and weight of these headphones stand out. Designed for people mixing in studios, these headphones may not appeal to the more casual user. That said, the build quality is strong and these will withstand any clumsy drops or knocks. 

The headphones are connected through a single cable which can be inserted to either earcup. The spare port can then be used by another set of headphones, allowing you to share music with your friends at the same time. 

beats by dre studio deals

Beats Studio 2

The Studio's 2 are lighter with sleeker edges and greater attention to detail than the originals. One new feature is the rechargeable battery, that gives 20 hours of listening time. If you enjoy classical music or more delicate sounds the subtle hiss when the ANC is on may be a little irritating. Though the sound quality overall has been improved and the bass levels restrained giving a much more balanced sound. 

beats by dre solo 2 deals

Beats Solo 2

The Solo 2 offer a good balance of performance and portability. Significant improvements to the sound quality have been made, though these probably aren't for the audio purists. The cups are on-ear rather than over-ear which could affect comfort and will definitely affect isolation from outside sounds. 

beats by dre mixr deals

Beats Mixr

The earcups rotate so you can do your skillful mixing uninhibited. The bass in these cans is supposed to be particularly 'big' and you can share what you're listening to with dual-port daisy chaining.

beats by dre urbeats deals

Beats urBeats 2

If you want cheap Beats by Dre, this is as good as it gets really. It's a standard pair of earphones which come with tangle-free flat cables as well as a clicker and built-in microphone for taking calls.

powerbeats deals

Beats Powerbeats 2

These earphones are made for using while exercising. They're designed to not fall out of your ears and they're sweat and water resistant. Meanwhile, RemoteTalk controls allow you to easily take calls or change your music without having to fiddle.

Beats by Dre EP

Sitting at the lower end of the range and priced accordingly, the lightweight, wired Beats EP headphones are still very finely tuned, which means you'll be able to hear your music just as the artist intended.