Best mattress under £1,000: rest your head without spending an arm and a leg

Our best mattresses under £1,000 don’t skimp on the functionality, durability or squish-factor of their pricier counterparts

Best mattresses under £1,000

What with the inclusion of absurdly luxurious materials like horsehair, angora and cashmere, or maybe £3,000 worth of massage functionality, the cost of mattresses seems to be running away with us a bit these days, but you needn’t have to remortgage just to get a good night’s sleep. If you’re on a mission to find the best mattress under £1,000, we can help.

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Trusted big names like Hypnos and Vispring show that you don’t have to go for the flagship to take advantage of quality build and materials, and their more pocket-friendly models understandably make the cut, as does Casper, the startup making a splash on the sleep scene.

But brands aren’t the be-all and end-all. Each of our picks has something special to recommend it, whether that’s edge-to-edge pocket springs to stop you rolling off, hypoallergenic materials to see off the sneezes, or layers and layers of luxurious natural materials, so keep reading below to find the one that’ll give you sweet dreams.

The best mattress under £1,000

1. Hypnos Milford Pocket Sprung Mattress

Spread out, sink in and drop off with our best budget-friendly mattress of the lot

Best for: Overall comfort
Size: Single, Double, King
Depth: 26cm
Type: Spring
Comfort grade: Firm
Reasons to buy
+Responsive support+Breathable wool and eOlus inner

If backache makes your mornings less than jolly, Hypnos have every sympathy, and they’ve come up with a solution in the form of this pocket spring mattress. The 1,200 individually encased springs allow for zoned support and the even distribution of body weight.

That, plus firmness all the way to the edge, helps combat roll-off and roll-together, while inner layers of naturally breathable wool and sustainable fibre eOlus keep things cool, springy and supportive. To find such an all-star cast of virtues for under £1,000 is pretty great, giving this Hypnos mattress our top spot.

Casper Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

2. Casper Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

A suits-all memory foam mattress for awkward sleepers

Best for: All types
Size: Single, Double, King, Super King
Depth: 24cm
Type: Memory foam
Comfort grade: Soft to medium
Reasons to buy
+Good for all sleeping positions and body types+More breathable than memory foam alone

Oddly, no matter whether you have a list of sleeping concerns as long as your arm or none at all, this memory foam mattress by Casper may be your best bet if you’re in the market for a new mattress.

It’s said to suit everyone, from stomach sleepers to side snoozers, thanks to a pressure-relieving layer of memory foam, and then three more layers of foam, namely open-cell for breathability, transition for bounce, and support for a firm, resilient base. Find memory foam too hot? Springs-only too dense? Give this a whirl.

Vispring Plymouth Superb Mattress

3. Vispring Plymouth Superb Mattress

Cotton and wool and vanadium springs: these are a few of our favourite things

Best for: Investment piece
Size: Single, XL Single, Small Double, Double, King, Emperor, Large Emperor
Depth: 21cm
Type: Spring
Comfort grade: Medium
Reasons to buy
+High quality build; natural materials+Huge range of sizes

Not everyone’s a fan of foam, and there’s nothing wrong with thinking traditional so long as there’s room in the budget. This Vispring mattress is a prime example, using natural materials and hand-crafted details to create a real luxury mattress for under £1,000, phenomenal value considering the high price tags of some of the brand’s other offerings.

It’s filled with layers of breathable cotton and fleece wool, which naturally wick moisture away from sleepers and keep the whole thing feeling fresh. When it comes to support, the strong vanadium steel springs step up, promising to maintain the integrity of the mattress and keep offering resilient support for years.

Rest Assured Evelyn 2000 Pocket Spring Latex Mattress

4. Rest Assured Evelyn 2000 Pocket Spring Latex Mattress

Loadsa springs and loadsa latex go into this hypoallergenic hybrid mattress

Best for: Hypoallergenic
Size: Double, King, Super King
Depth: 32cm
Type: Hybrid
Comfort grade: Medium-soft
Reasons to buy
+Anti-allergy materials; no chemicals+Really high spring count

Allergies suck, and they suck even more when you’re just trying to get a good night’s kip. That’s where a hypoallergenic mattress like Rest Assured’s Evelyn hybrid comes in.

It’s our best under £1,000 for its claim to eliminate mould and dust mites without the use of any harsh chemicals, a win-win for anyone with respiratory disorders exacerbated by such things, but also for the fact that it sits pretty high in the comfy stakes too.

2,000 individual pocket springs, the highest spring count on our list, respond individually to your movements for tailored support, and a cushiony latex upper lets you properly sink in.

Sealy 1400 Nostromo

5. Sealy 1400 Nostromo

A stable night’s sleep, courtesy of pocket springs and latex cushions

Best for: Responsive support
Size: Single, Double, King, Super King
Depth: 30cm
Type: Hybrid
Comfort grade: Medium
Reasons to buy
+Very little motion transfer+Breathable; disperses body heat

Restless partners are an enemy of sleep, so if you’re stuck with one, look for a mattress with minimal motion transfer like this one from Sealy. It was awarded a Which? Best Buy back in 2015, but reviewers still rave about the sumptuously thick layer of innergetic latex and responsive, supportive pocket-sprung core, the secret of its stability.

They say you won’t be disturbed if your partner flips and turns during the night, and that its breathable construction means no uncomfortable dampness gets retained if you happen to sweat a little in the night, making it an all-round great bet for light sleepers.