White iPhone 4 release date set for March as delays outed

White iPhone 4 delays pegged on light leaking

Hampered camera images cause of white iPhone 4 delay

With speculation heating up around the exact date of arrival for the long overdue white iPhone 4 Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has reportedly confirmed past rumours as to the cause of the handset’s repeated delays.

Apple’s last officially word came back in October stating that the lighter-hued handset would touchdown across the globe this spring with the latest round of delays being caused by the white device being “more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected.”

Speaking in an appearance on The Engadget Show earlier this week, however, Wozniak confirmed previous claims from an anonymous tipster with “connections to Apple” stating that the white iPhone 4 has in fact been heavily postponed due to the lighter-toned paint allowing excessive light to leak into images shot with the handset’s onboard camera.

Continuing to discuss the increasingly leaked and rumoured smartphone Wozniak went on to declare that the issues which have plagued the handset’s formerly June arrival have now been solved and eager iPhone fans can expect to get their hands on the white device in the near future.

Wozniak’s claims come on the same day gadget website PocketLint has claimed that an insider source has reported the long awaited fourth-gen Apple blower will hit UK stores at the end of March, nine months late and just three months ahead of the expected iPhone 5 arrival.

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Via: MacRumors | Via: PocketLint

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