Sony Kills Cassette Walkman

Sony has finally cut the strings to its past - the Cassette Walkman

The Cassette Walkman Meets Its End At The Hands Of Sony

Sony has finally put down its dying breed of Cassette Walkmans – although it is surprising to know that they were still in production. With 30 years of life and over 200 million copies sold, the old clunky cassette players have been ironically decommissioned on the 9th anniversary of the iPod’s launch.

Sony’s reasoning behind the end of its hugely popular product was the lack of consumer interest, maybe that’s because no one knew they still existed. However, it is not surprising that with the age of the iPod upon us they have finally cut their ties to the past.

Although Sony has pulled the plug on the Walkman, it has been said in the New York Post that China will continue production for now. So do not fear lovers of the cassette player, you can still get your hands on it for the time being.

The first Sony Cassette Walkman was launched on July 1st, 1979 in Japan. It was a cost effective way to carry a whole stereo in your pocket and, although it took off to a slow start, with heavy pop star support managed to become a hit that was a must-own in every household. It was a revolutionary move in portable music that started off a trend which would see the birth of devices like the iPod.

So in honourable memory of the 30 years of Sony Cassette Walkmans, we salute you.