Mark Zuckerberg ends Facebook Phone release rumours

Facebook founder and CEO says releasing a Facebook Phone 'wouldn't make sense'

Speaking during the company's quarterly profits call, Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg has said it 'wouldn't make sense' to launch a phone

Bringing an end to a recent flurry of rumour and speculation, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has suggested it “wouldn’t make sense” for the social giant to launch its own Facebook Phone.

Speaking during the company’s first quarterly profits call since being floated on the stock exchange, Zuckerberg has dismissed the continually remerging Facebook Phone rumours insisting the Twitter rival is to continue to focus of mobile applications.

Responding to questions on the heavily rumoured HTC Facebook Phone, Zuckerburg suggested that such a product “really wouldn’t make much sense for us to do.”

Outlining the company’s intentions to focus its efforts on more engaging and integrated smartphone and tablet applications the Facebook head added: "We want not just to have apps that people use, but be as deeply integrated as possible, where other apps can build on top of Facebook.”

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Via: TechRadar