Google search goes inside restaurants

Search engine integrates Street View into main search results

Google, not content with now offering full floor plans of some of the biggest shops and buildings in the world is now offering Street View inside restaurants

Google Street View has now been fully integrated into the search engine with interior Street View now available right from the main search page, expanding on its already comprehensive database including floor plans of major buildings around the world including the major UK airports and Harrods.

Integrated alongside Google Maps users will be able to search a restaurant and if its compatible will be able to look around before actually going.

At present if you search a restaurant that doesn't offer the inside view you'll usually be diverted to a Google+ hub page where you can view pictures, a Street View of the road outside and get directions.

Recently Google announced it would be launching full floor plans for some of the biggest buildings around the world including major shopping malls in the US while Harrods, Heathrow and Wembley all got the treatment here in the UK.

Currently floor plans are only available for those using Google on a desktop or for Android users with the newly launched Google Maps for iPhone 5 missing out.

Source: Slash Gear