Facetime freezing problems for the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3

Yet more problems tarnish tomorrow's iPad 2 launch

US iPad 2 owners report a freezing Facetime bug

With the iPad's imminent arrival looming on our calendars, it seems that Apple's newest creation is still being plagued by issues.

Following recent reports of yellow screen tints and the dreaded display bleed, the latest of the iPad 2's ailments is a tendency to freeze whilst using Facetime.

Reports from our transatlantic neighbours indicate that the Facetime app's video feed will regularly freeze up completely, particularly when switching between the front and back cameras.

The issue seems to be affecting a fairly large group of early-adopters in the US and the general consensus is that the only way to fix the problem is to restart the device. Simply exiting the app and re-opening it leaves users stuck frustratingly with the same still image and no way of using the video calling feature.

It would appear that this is a software problem as some iPhone 4 users have also reported the problem. We expect Apple to fix this in a future iOS update and iPad 2 owners everywhere will be able to reconnect once again.

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