Under Armour Mens Storm Proof Rain Jacket & Trousers review: Effective, not flashy and terrific value

Under Armour's Storm Proof jacket and pants combo will repel the rain and keep out the wind

Under Armour Storm Proof golf waterproofs
(Image credit: Under Armour)
T3 Verdict

The Storm Proof waterproof jacket and trouser combo from Under Armour provides excellent value for money and will keep you protected from whatever the good old British weather has in store.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great value

  • +

    Excellent waterproofing

  • +

    Also windproof

  • +

    2-year guarantee

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    You might want something a bit more breathable on the warmer days

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If you’re a hard core golfer who refuses to allow bad weather to keep you off the course then you’ll need a reliable set of waterproofs, which can often cost even more than the best drivers. Fear not, however, as Under Armour’s Stormproof Rain Jacket and Trousers are just the ticket for those wet and windy days on the local links, and the really good news is they come in at an affordable price point.

As we all know, golf can be difficult even in perfect conditions, but when the wind and rain are giving you a right old hammering and you don’t have the best golfing waterproofs, you can forget about shooting a respectable score even when you’re hitting it well. 

Waterproofs are one of those golfing essentials that, if you’re anything like me, you don’t really enjoy spending money on as let's face facts, they’re pretty boring. There isn’t anything fun about buying a new set of waterproofs. 

When you’re treating yourself to new golf gear you want to buy the sexy things, like the best GPS golf watch or a fancy gadget such as the Garmin Approach Z82 laser range finder. Waterproofs don't get the pulse racing but they are necessary, especially if you aren’t fortunate enough to live in a nice warm climate. 

Good waterproofs are something you only really appreciate when you need them. Most of the time they aren't required but oh boy, when the heavens open they are a truly wonderful thing to have.

I recently had the opportunity to put the Under Armour Storm Proof waterproof jacket and pants combo through its paces and being in the UK I didn’t have to wait too long for a rainy day to arrive. When it did, I eagerly threw on my new suit and headed down to my local course. 

So how did it perform? Pretty darn well actually.

Under Armour Storm Proof Golf Waterproofs

(Image credit: Under Armour)

UA Storm Proof Rain Jacket & Trousers Combo: Price and availability

Jacket and trousers have to be bought separately but both are readily available online from the usual major golf retailers. Currently you can pick up a jacket for around £90 and the trousers for £80 at Snainton Golf, or alternatively you can buy direct from Under Armour UK for a combined total of £235. Make sure you check our Under Armour discount codes to make a saving on your purchase. 

In the US you can buy the jacket and the trousers direct from the Under Armour website for a combined total of $280.

UA Storm Proof Rain Jacket & Trousers Combo: Technology

Under Armour Storm Proof

(Image credit: Under Armour)

Made from 100% polyester and 2.5-layer bonded fabric with a durable, smooth exterior, not only are these jacket and trousers completely waterproof and breathable, but UA Storm technology actually repels water so it just beads off the material. 

You don’t have to worry about any liquid getting through regardless of how heavy the downpour is, and an added bonus is that they dry off really, really, quickly. Just a quick wipe with a towel and you can put them back in your golf bag without getting everything else in there soaking wet.

The jacket has fully taped seams and hydrogel zippers, while the windproof properties ensure you are well shielded from the elements. It features a full zip front with storm flap on the upper, two zipped hand pockets, adjustable velcro sleeve fasteners and the shaped hem can be adjusted with a drawcord.  

The trousers have an adjustable hem cord, velcro side adjusters, lower leg zips and secure hand pockets.

They come in a variety of sizes (standard waist sizes plus options for short leg) and before choosing you should weigh up other you want to wear them over your regular golf trousers or instead of them. If you want them in the bag to throw on in an emergency, you might want to go a size up.

Both jacket and trousers come with a 2-year manufacturer waterproof guarantee.

Under Armour Storm Proof Golf Waterproofs

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UA Storm Proof Rain Jacket & Trousers Combo: Looks & Feel

It is not exactly the flashiest or most eye catching of designs but keep in mind; this is a waterproof suit that you wear on a golf course when it rains. It does not need to look like it was designed by Versace. 

I personally like the design of the jacket and would suggest that Under Armour have actually struck a good balance. The design may be pretty basic but it is smart and comes in several colour options, including Royal Blue / Black, Black / Mechanic Blue as well as Black / Pitch Grey.   

In terms of how it feels, there is a robustness about the jacket that almost - but not quite - borders on stiffness. Put it this way, it is not as insubstantial as some of the more lightweight, summer only golf jackets, but it is flexible enough to not be restrictive when you’re swinging a golf club.

Both jacket and pants stretch when you move so you get just the right amount of flexibility and give when you swing. 

Branding is subtle. On the jacket there is a distinctive Under Armour logo on the top of the left sleeve, a more discreet one on the back underneath the collar and there is further branding above the right cuff. 

On the trousers, there is a single logo underneath the right side pocket and an almost invisible ‘Storm Proof’ branding above the back pocket.

Under Armour Storm Proof Golf Waterproofs

(Image credit: Under Armour)

UA Storm Proof Rain Jacket & Trousers Combo: Comfort & Performance

Autumn in the UK is the perfect time to try out waterproofs as not only are you guaranteed rain but the temperature fluctuates wildly, meaning you can have sun showers one day and then icy rain coming down sideways the next. In other words, perfect conditions to test out golf waterproofs.

In total I played two rounds wearing the Storm Proof suit. The first day was warm but I’d checked the forecast beforehand and knew it would also be wet. I elected to wear the trousers for the entire round rather than just putting them in the bag and throwing them over my regular ones when the rain hit. Wearing waterproofs over another pair of trousers isn’t the most comfortable thing to do, especially on warmer days, but the Storm Proofs can also be worn like regular trousers so that’s what I did. 

The trousers were very comfortable and fitted perfectly. The adjustable elastic fastener on each side of the waist band ensured they sat just right and I wasn’t continually having to pull them up, which is an issue I’ve often had with other waterproof trousers.

As for the jacket, while I wouldn’t sat it was the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, it was perfectly fine for playing golf. It isn’t restrictive but you will be aware that you are wearing a jacket. That may sound like an odd thing to say, but with some of the super lightweight golf waterproof jackets, such as the PING SensorDry 2.5 you can almost forget you are even wearing it. 

This isn’t the case with the UA Storm Proof jacket but do not mistake that as a criticism. It’s simply that it is designed for harsher conditions than the more lightweight summer jackets are. This is very much an all rounder. 

Both jacket and pants are quite loose fitting which is handy in the colder months as you can wear an extra layer or two underneath without ever feeling too restricted. In fact, I found it more comfortable with an extra layer underneath as when wearing just a short sleeved polo underneath on a warm day it got a little bit moist on the arms. 

So from my experience I would say the trousers are great in all conditions but the jacket performs better in colder weather than it does during sun showers, as I noticed on the warmer day that I was sweating more in this jacket than I have when wearing a lightweight, summer jacket. 

On the colder day, however, the jacket really came into its own and I wore it for the entire round. It chucked it down at times that day but both jacket and trousers kept me warm and dry all day. 

The jacket does a great job repelling the rain and it's comfortable enough, but I didn’t particularly like how the chest didn't sit flat when I was standing over a putt. It’s a minor complaint but it it bunched and formed a curve which was a little distracting. On normal shots it wasn’t an issue but it doesn’t take much to throw me off on the greens and this bunching did unsettle me a little.

That's very much a personal thing though and it certainly won't be an issue for everybody.

So in summary, the jacket was good but the trousers were great.

Under Armour Storm Proof Golf Waterproofs

(Image credit: Under Armour)

UA Storm Proof Rain Jacket & Trousers Combo: Verdict

There are better waterproof jackets and trousers out there, but probably not at the same price as the Storm Proof and certainly not from brands with as good a reputation as Under Armour. 

If you are looking to stay dry without spending a fortune and you appreciate the value of a strong and reputable brand,  this is certainly worthy of strong consideration, especially if you are looking for gear to help you through the autumn and winter months. 

David Usher

Dave is a distinctly average golfer with (fading) aspirations to be so much more than that. An avid collector of vintage Ping putters and the world's biggest Payne Stewart fan, Dave turned his front garden into a giant putting green to work on the weakest area of his game, but sadly to date he has seen no improvement. In addition to his work reviewing golf gear for T3, Dave is also the founder and editor of Bang Average Golf TV website