Henrik Stenson Iceman 3.0 sunglasses review: golf sunnies designed by a major champ

You can be the coolest cat on the course with a pair of Iceman 3.0 sunglasses. Here’s our review…

Henrik Stenson Iceman 3.0 Golf Sunglasses
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T3 Verdict

Ultra lightweight, flexible and with a ventilated HD lens, Henrik Stenson’s Iceman 3.0 sunglasses will give you top class performance on the course.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Incredibly lightweight

  • +

    100% protection against UVA/UVB rays

  • +

    Scratch proof

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Sporty design may not appeal to everyone

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Europe’s shortest lived Ryder Cup captain has an extensive range of stylish eyewear for both for on and off the golf course. Glasses in the Henrik Stenson collection look ice cool and they perform like the major champion who designed them. In this Iceman 3.0 review, I'll be looking at the daddy of the collection. They are Stenson’s signature model and you’ll usually see him wearing these when competing on the PGA, sorry, LIV Tour. 

Whoever's money Henrik's taking, these are among the best golf sunglasses you can buy. Many top golfers now opt for shades while playing and there are numerous benefits to them. It isn’t just about keeping out the harmful rays of the sun, they will also keep put pollen and for those sensitive to light, glasses will help the eyes to retain their energy and prevent tiredness.

Henrik is heavily involved in the development and design of all of the eyewear in the Stenson collection and there is a Golf Range as well as stylish Street Sunglasses. You can check out the full range here but in this review we’ll be looking at the sunglasses worn by the man himself. No, not me: Henrik of course.

Henrik Stenson Iceman 3.0 golf sunglasses

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Henrik Stenson Iceman 3.0: price and availability

A pair of Iceman 3.0 sunglasses will set you back £145 in the UK. They're widely available from most major golf retailers both in store and online. You can buy from American Golf here, for instance,

In the US you can buy direct online from Henrik Stenson Eyewear at a cost of $174.

Henrik Stenson Iceman 3.0 golf sunglasses

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Henrik Stenson Iceman 3.0 - Design and Build

These glasses are designed primarily for golf – and other outdoor pursuits. You can wear them whenever you like of course, but the sporty, lightweight design makes them absolutely perfect for use on the links.

The first thing that jumps out about these glasses is just how lightweight they are. That’s due to the TR-90 flexible, ultra-light polymer sports frames. There’s absolutely no weight to these at all but impressively there is no trade off with durability as they’re sturdy, flexible and far from being delicate. 

It’s worth mentioning that the Henrik Stenson line features a wide range of eyewear for on and off the golf course, and golfers may also want to check out the Stinger 3.0 and Torque 3.0 which are cheaper alternatives to the top of the range Iceman 3.0.

Henrik Stenson Iceman 3.0 golf sunglasses

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Henrik Stenson Iceman 3.0 - Features

The Iceman 3.0 comes in a sleek, stylish box containing a carry case, microfibre bag and an additional nosepad for those who need a smaller fit.

The ventilated HD lens enhances colour and contrast better than ever while providing 100% protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays. 

The three point nose grip has been enhanced for the 3.0 model with a new fully exchangeable soft-touch rubber formula only found in the highest performing sports frames.

Despite their incredibly lightweight design these are durable sunnies that are difficult to damage. Featuring Impact Resistance for added peace of mind and Oloephobic Coating which protects the lens against sweat, dirt, grease, oil and general smudges. 

Additionally, there’s an anti scratch coating to protect the lens while an anti reflective coating eliminates any unwanted light from bouncing off the inside of the lenses.

Henrik Stenson Iceman 3.0 Sunglasses

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Henrik Stenson Iceman 3.0 - Performance

Full disclosure; I’ve never been a big fan of wearing sunnies to play golf. I’ll wear them between shots but for whatever reason I’ve never felt comfortable standing over the ball while wearing glasses. I tend to find it a little distracting, especially when hitting driver. 

When you’re reviewing golf sunglasses though you kind of need to keep them on when you’re playing, as that’s the whole point isn’t it? So I did. I wore them for virtually every shot, even for putting. 

I still found it a little distracting at times but by the end of the round I had become more comfortable and at times I had forgotten I even had them on, which is a good thing, right? I’d say they actually helped on the greens as the lack of glare made it easier to focus on lining up putts.

I've worn these glasses in both winter and summer and I was happy with the results whatever the conditions. You may not think that February is the best time of year to review sunglasses but the winter sun can often be blinding, so I put the Iceman 3.0 through its paces for 18 holes. It wasn’t sunny the whole time around but the benefit of that was I got to see how they perform in different conditions.

Midway through the round I elected to remove them when hitting driver as, try as I might, I just couldn’t get comfortable over those tee shots with the glasses on. The design of the Iceman 3.0 is such that you can just quickly pop them on your head - or in my case golf cap - and they’ll sit snugly with no worries about them falling off mid-swing. After the tee shot was away I just popped them back on and kept them on until reaching the next tee.

Several months later I tried them on the hottest day of the year. You know, the day when railway lines melted, houses were going on fire and the UK recorded it's hottest ever temperature. Yeah that day, I went out on the golf course and just about survived to tell the tale. 

I have nothing further to report though. The glasses were great and did the job I needed them to, but I'm still uncomfortable wearing them on every shot so had to pick and choose my moments. 

Maybe one day I’ll get used to hitting driver while wearing sunglasses but living in the UK it’s not usually that important anyway. If I ever retire to Portugal or Florida (hopefully one day) then that’s a different story, but for now I’m happy to just pop them onto my cap when the big dog comes out and then slide them back on afterwards.

Another issue I have often had with sunnies is finding ones that look right on me. The problem is, I have a rather large head so sometimes I can look a bit ridiculous in glasses, depending on the design. The Iceman 3.0, however, looked great on me, even if I say so myself.

The lens is just the right size for my face while the frames are flexible enough to fit most sized heads, even beach ball sized ones like mine. So they look great, they were very comfortable to wear and not as intrusive on my golf game as I feared they would be. In short, I love them.

Another big plus was how easy I found it looking at my phone screen while wearing these glasses. Not only did it remove any glare but it seemed to enhance the screen quality and it almost felt like I was wearing prescription reading glasses as everything just looked that bit more crisp. Kind of like the difference between regular TV and HD.

That lens quality is probably the biggest difference between high end sunnies and the cheap ones. Whether glancing at a phone screen or just looking up the fairway trying to locate where your ball landed, you just get a much better overall picture. Like when your TV is set up perfectly for brightness and contrast. You don’t get that with cheaper glasses even though they will do a decent job of protecting you from the glare of the sun.

Henrik Stenson Iceman 3.0 Golf Sunglasses

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Henrik Stenson Iceman 3.0 - Verdict

You can wear these glasses away from the course but the sporty design may not be to everyone's tastes. Personally I had no qualms about wearing them while driving or just walking around town, but the more fashion conscious (not something I have ever been accused of!) may want to switch them out for something a bit more suited to the high street.

For use when playing golf though the Iceman 3.0 is up there with anything on the market. These glasses may have been the hottest ticket in town when the Ryder Cup rolls around in 2023 but Henrik won't be there now having chosen to join the LIV tour. A shame, it would have been a nice stage to show off this excellent product of his.

Should you buy them? It depends on how you view old Henrik I guess. The product itself is top notch and compares favourably with any of its competitors. 

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