We'll tell you where you can stick your selfie stick…

Not at America's music festivals. They're joining football's backlash against the camera prosthetics

The clampdown on selfie stickscontinues. First, Premier League clubs Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur banned them as potentially dangerous weapons. Now US music festivals Coachella and Lollapalooza have prohibited them on site.

Selfie sticks show up in the list of banned items for both festivals, alongside hard drugs and explosives.No reasons are given, but really, where do you start?

They're annoying, as they block the view of people behind you in the crowd. They could be used as weapons. And they encourage a certain type of person, which we're guessing both festivals don't want to attract.

There's no word on whether UK festivals will follow suit, with no mention of the devices on the sites for Glastonbury, Bestival, Secret Garden Party or Latitude.

At the start of the year, Arsenal and Tottenham football clubs banned selfie sticks after supporters took to waving them around during goal celebrations. In a crowded place, they were an accident waiting to happen.

That's not the only anti-tech backlashin soccer-land. Last summer, Manchester United banned fans from taking iPads and other tablets to matches because of "security fears". We're not sure what the security fears were - fans battering each other with Hudls, perhaps - but the move meant that tablet photographers had to make do with just watching the match rather than blocking the view of people behind them while taking usually pretty fairly footage of the game. Bad times.

Some say that selfie sticks are the tech scourge of modern life. At first they were a joke, or at best, a novelty item, but they're becoming more and more popular, as people want wide-angle selfies and don't want to trust a stranger with their phone.

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