These 3 vampire devices are adding money to your energy bill

You’ll be surprised at the last one!

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It was announced by the UK government last month that whilst energy costs are coming down during the summer months, prices in July to September 2023 will still be more than 60% higher than in winter 2021/22. The cost of living crisis has had a profound effect on many people across the UK and whilst there is light at the end of the tunnel, it can sometimes be difficult to hear news like this.

There are lots of tips and tricks you can do at home to save money on your bills, but did you know there are also certain devices in your home that will be adding unnecessary costs? These so called ‘vampire devices’ are usually appliances controlled with a remote, meaning they remain on standby until they are switched on. Removing these vampire devices will sometimes not make a vast difference to a household bill, but some could cost users hundreds of pounds per year. We’ve rounded up the top 3 that are sucking up your energy the most. 

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1. Television

Televisions can be some of the most energy-sucking devices in our homes, especially the recent models. They come with power-hungry features like satellite TV, Wi-Fi connectivity, DVR capabilities and much more. Most of us also leave our TV on standby without even realising, particularly as it’s so easy to just pick up the remote and press the off button. Switching the television off at the wall will save money on your energy bill and you’ve hardly had to change a thing! 

2. Tumble dryer

You can’t beat that feeling of a freshly tumble dried blanket or jumper, and they can be a godsend when it’s raining outside. However, tumble dryers are known to be the Dracula of energy-sucking vampire devices. Tumble dryers can often cost around £3.50 each time you use it, so it’s important to only use it when necessary and to turn it off at the wall when you’re not! You’ll thank yourself later. 

3. Desktop computer

Due to many of us working from home these days, it’s actually quite easy to avoid spending money! For example, eating out of the fridge instead of going to a café is much more economical. Therefore, the last thing you need is for extra costs when it comes to your energy-sucking computer. Even when your computer isn’t ‘on’ but technically still connected to the mains, it will remain converting energy into power. Making sure to fully turn your computer off at the wall will be hugely beneficial in the long run. 

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