T3 Outdoor Month 2023: your complete guide to getting out and about

From hiking and camping to action cams and drones and more – a month-long celebration of all things Great Outdoors

T3 Outdoor Month
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Do you enjoy spending time outside? Roaming the countryside for hours or even days at the time? Can't get enough of hiking and camping gear reviews? We've got you covered. As the weather slowly improves for outdoor activities, we thought it was time for us to go the extra mile and provide the good readers of T3 with all the hiking, camping, action cam flinging, drone flying and more advice we can muster.

Welcome to T3's Outdoor Month, a 31-day celebration of all things the Great Outdoors. There is a lot of ground to cover, but we have the best experts on board to provide active people with tips, tricks and product recommendations to help you enjoy time spent outside the confined walls of your home more.

T3 Outdoor Month Week 1: Hiking

What we have in store for the next four (and a half) weeks is something special. Starting today, we'll provide top-notch hiking advice and gear recommendations, from hiking boots and outdoor watches to waterproof jackets and hiking GPS units. We left no stone unturned on that mountain trail to help you ease back into hiking.

Two people outside a tent

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T3 Outdoor Month Week 2: Camping

Week two will be all about camping. We're talking about tent reviews, camping cooler advice, camping stove recommendations and sleeping bag tricks. Our experts spent weeks in tents and know the ins and outs of sleeping under the stars. And after reading all the features we have planned, you'll be fully equipped with the same knowledge to conquer the elements safely.

T3 Outdoor Month Week 3: Action cams and drones

Action cams and drones will be the focus of week three of T3's Outdoor Month. Should you get a 360° action camera with a long 'invisible selfie stick' or a beginner drone? How to fly drones anyway? Do you need the best GoPro, or are you better off with a GoPro alternative? You'll find the answers to all these and more in a few weeks' time.

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T3 Outdoor Month Week 4: Watersports

Finally, we'll spend the last week discussing watersports, including stand-up paddle boards and wild swimming. From inflatable paddleboards to beginner SUPs, we've got you covered. Need a new wet suit or water shoes? We have recommendations for those, too. Plus, tips on how to make the most of time spent in the water outdoors (you're on your own in the shower, sorry!).

Check out T3's Outdoor vertical for even more active content. And look out for the T3 Outdoor Month badge on articles. Until then, stay active!

Matt Kollat
Section Editor | Active

Matt Kollat is a journalist and content creator who works for T3.com and its magazine counterpart as an Active Editor. His areas of expertise include wearables, drones, fitness equipment, nutrition and outdoor gear. He joined T3 in 2019. His byline appears in several publications, including Techradar and Fit&Well, and more. Matt also collaborated with other content creators (e.g. Garage Gym Reviews) and judged many awards, such as the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance's ESSNawards. When he isn't working out, running or cycling, you'll find him roaming the countryside and trying out new podcasting and content creation equipment.