Thule's new 4-person Approach rooftop tent takes glamping to a whole new level

The Approach transforms any SUV, sedan, truck, or hatchback vehicle into a home away from home

Ehule launches 4-person rooftop tent, the Thule Approach
(Image credit: Thule)

With camping season fast approaching – in fact, it's already here – many of us outdoorsy folks will retrieve our moth-ridden camping tents from the attic and think, 'Man, I should've packed this up properly!' If you're in a similar predicament and have some disposable income, you must see Thule's latest product, the Approach rooftop tent.

The Thule Approach isn't your backpacking tent, and it's more premium and safer from ground-level obstruction than even the best tents overall. ”We wanted it to feel comfortable and quite amazing to hang out in, so we came up with something really extra," said Graham Jackson, Product Manager at Thule, "Spacious, airy and bright – Thule Approach is all the things you love but wouldn’t expect from a tent.” 

The Thule Approach soft shell rooftop tent is a unique lightweight solution for campers who want an alternative to a ground tent, an RV, or a camper. From the perspective of the latter two, the Approach isn't a bad value-for-money accessory, as it lets you enjoy RV-like comfort without sacrificing the agility (and low price) of a normal-sized car.

Doubling up its size when fully opened, the Thule Approach is lightweight and has a small footprint on your car, yet gives you a generous living space with large windows on the ceiling and sides that allow you to get closer to nature in any weather. Better still, it has s dual-layer foam mattress that delivers an "extra luxurious camping experience," Thule claims.

Once you arrive at your destination, the rooftop tent is quick to set up – from parked to deployed in under 3 minutes. The mounting brackets also lock the tent to your roof rack for added security. And when you are ready to leave for your next destination, you can break down the tent quickly and easily and get going in minutes. For an even more spacious experience, the tent is compatible with an annexe or awning (sold separately).

Thule Approach is available now at Thule and comes in two sizes and three colours, with a recommended price of £2,500 for the 3-person version and £3,000 for the 4-person option.

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