I wish I had waited until now to buy a GoPro HERO 11 Black Mini action cam

GoPro just announced that it is restoring its camera lineup to lower pre-pandemic prices

Which is the best GoPro: Pictured here, a person holding the HERO 11 Black mini in her hand
(Image credit: GoPro)

It's like this sometimes: you discover a newly launched product, do extensive online research to ensure you're not spending your money too frivolously, come to the conclusion that it's, in fact, a good buy, and make the purchase. But sometimes, months later, you realise you should have waited, which is exactly what happened to me now with GoPro announcing the lowering of its action camera prices to pre-pandemic levels. Darn!

It's an interesting move from the best action camera manufacturer, as the best GoGros are always in high demand. I'm not complaining, though; I love a cheap GoPro deal. The more, the merrier! And although I mentioned the HERO 11 Black Mini in the title, almost all cams are now more affordable at GoPro.

As part of its lower everyday pricing, GoPro will no longer offer camera discounts to shoppers who become GoPro Subscribers at the time of purchase. GoPro's lower everyday pricing is available to shoppers worldwide, regardless of whether or not they are GoPro subscribers. Existing GoPro subscribers will still be able to purchase future GoPro cameras at a discount as a part of their existing GoPro Subscription benefits.

A GoPro Hero 8 Black is used to film a person skiing down a mountain

This can be you, if only you owned a cheap GoPro

(Image credit: GoPro)

Read more about this topic here: Is a GoPro subscription worth it? We'll probably have to rework that article in light of this new pricing scheme. However, the majority of the information in that piece still stands, such as GoPro subscribers enjoying auto-uploads, premium editing tools, complimentary replacement cams and more.

Speaking of the GoPro subscription: GoPro also dropped the price of its subscription service, with introductory $24.99 pricing for the first year and $49.99 upon annual renewal after that. Not bad!

But wait, there is more! This summer, GoPro Subscribers will receive double the cash payout from GoPro Awards if their photo or video is used on GoPro's global social handle (@gopro). The Double the Dollars GoPro Awards campaign, which will run from 1 June to 1 Oct 2023, will reward selected subscribers with $500 for a featured photo and $1,000 for a video, up from $250 and $500 for non-subscribers. 

If I were you, I'd immediately check out the new lower prices. I doubt they'd go back up soon, but the sooner you purchase a GoPro, the sooner you can start recording incredible footage of your skiing or snorkelling trips. Just sayin'.

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