Now you can use Google Photos to find your pet pics, here’s how

Lord Fluffenworth now has his own folder and Google organises his snaps automatically

If you’ve got a pet then you probably realise that half your phone’s photos are of that gorgeous-to-you fluffball - now they can be organised automatically with Google Photos.

Google has started rolling out an update to its Photos app that will now recognise your pet and automatically group its photos into a personal folder. That means your dog, Lord Fluffenworth, now has all his snaps in one place for you to easily find and post on all your social media feeds.

Google Photos uses smart facial recognition to spot your pet which you can then label, just like you can now do with people pics. Then the app will spot snaps of the same dog or cat, say, each time they are photographed so they can be put in their own folder. Yup, this is now apparently smart enough to distinguish between pets so only your hound gets grouped.

You’ll simply need to associate your pet’s photo with its name one time then Google will do the rest of the work grouping pics of that pet together in future. 

While Google has said this feature has begun rolling out it also said “to most countries”.

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