Select 6: secure your home with one of these network cameras

Keep a watchful eye over your castle with the latest smart, connected security cameras

Keep a watchful eye over your castle with the latest smart, connected security cameras. They're more than just cat cams…

Your home is under attack! OK, so that's a bit of an exaggeration – it might not be now, but one day it could be. So if you value the contents of your abode and want to keep an eye on it, a security cam is a must. Unlike security cameras of old, these devices are designed to sit indoors and monitor your home's interior.

So there's no complicated install and, because they all have Wi-Fi built in, there are no wires to route either – just place it wherever you get a decent wireless signal. You can check your video any time via a mobile app, while smart features such as face detection and air monitoring give you 24/7 security (and endless footage of your cat).

Canary - £160

The Canary is feature-packed, with quality wide-angle 1080p video (live feed and recordings), superb night vision, clear audio, a user-activated ear-shredding alarm, and air monitoring to keep watch on quality levels. Set-up is easy, and the menu is simple and intuitive. Motion-triggered events are auto-sent to your device, but you can adjust sensitivity if you're getting too many. Using geolocation, the Canary auto arms itself when you go out, disarming on your return. You get 12 hours of video history free, but there's a monthly fee if you want more. Nine-second live video delay is irksome. 5/5

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Logi Circle - £130

Logitech's offering not only looks the part, it has a unique feature: 12 hours of battery power lets you take it anywhere around the home, for ease of use. It's great for communication with friends or family, thanks to crisp two-way audio. Video quality is clear, it's super-wide for maximum in-frame action, and the live feed only has a three-second delay. You also get free 24-hour cloud storage for videos. The simple app makes it a cinch to use. Motion-activated events are sent to your device, while the Circle will also create a neat timelapse of the day's events. 5/5

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Nest Cam - £159

If you've already got a Nest Learning Thermostat or Protect, the Nest Cam is a top choice – connected to those, it can do more, such as record if the Protect senses smoke. Fiddly set-up aside, it's easy to use, with decent 1080p video and night vision (and the shortest live delay). You also get two-way audio, while the clever stand allows for a variety of installs. Sadly, there's no geolocation – instead, a Home and Away setting enables you to set where you are, to control when it records. To record videos (and access extras), you'll need to subscribe to Nest Aware, but it costs a hefty £8 per month. 4/5

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The least costly cam here, D-Link's HD looks a little cheap and cheerful. Video isn't great – the low(ish) resolution of 720p looks inadequate on high-res screens, and the low frame rate won't pick up fast motion. The camera angle is narrow, too. Night vision isn't much better – it's too bright near the camera, and a bit too dark at a distance. Sadly, motion notifications only give you a link to a live feed – it won't record clips. One cool trick: hook it up to other D-Link smart products to trigger IFTTT-style actions, such as using the smart plug to turn on a light when cam motion is detected. 3/5

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Withings Home - £130

If looks could win, the Withings Home would have this sewn up. Its appealing, wood-shrouded exterior and exotic features make it stand out in this test. The 1080p video is excellent, both in day and night modes, plus you get air-quality and – killer feature alert – baby monitoring. You can keep an eye on little one, talk via the two-way audio feature, and employ one of several soothing lullabies with colour-changing ambient lighting. Sadly, the Android app is, at present, buggy over Wi-Fi, with frequent freezes and choppiness. Hook it up to Ethernet, though, and it's (mostly) all good. 3/5

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Netatmo Welcome - £169

The Welcome looks very, erm, welcoming – its sexy, minimalist design will suit any funky space. Its trump card, though, is face-recognition. This makes alerts smarter, as the Welcome can discern between trusted and untrusted faces. You can also change what the camera does when it sees certain people, thanks to the superb app. This works for animals, too. Video is crisp and smooth with a big frame, though it's a tad dark. Night vision is excellent, but there's an 11-second live delay and no two-way audio. One other USP: a Micro SD card enables you to store as much video as you need. Buy 5/5

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