Energy bills have risen by over a third in lockdown - but here's how to reduce them

We’re using more energy at home because of the lockdown

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We can expect to pay an extra £32.31 each month for our energy bills during lockdown, according to research from price comparison website comparethemarket. 

Their recent study (opens in new tab) found that three quarters (72%) of homes are using more energy than usual during the lockdown, and energy bills have grown by an average of 37% as a result. 

But you can beat this spike by running a quick energy comparison (opens in new tab) and seeing which energy suppliers are offering a better deal, they advise.

Almost half of all homes (48%) say there are more people at home during the day than normal. So it’s no surprise that we’re burning through more electricity as we cook, clean, and entertain ourselves at home. 

Working from home has also pushed bills up - and 44% of home-workers say they are worried this will cause unaffordable energy bills. 

Some households are trying to reduce their energy consumption to balance out their bills. A third have turned down the central heating during the day, and a quarter are limiting their use of lighting. 

But this is a drop in the ocean compared to how much you could save by simply switching from a standard variable rate tariff to a cheap energy deal. 51% of people who switched energy provider saved at least £289.40 in March 2020, for example. And the gap between the cheapest and most expensive tariffs is a staggering £362.80.

Many are understandably worried about how they will manage this increased cost, particularly if they are a high energy consumption household and are conscious of how much more energy they are now using while in lockdown,” said Peter Earl, head of Energy at comparethemarket.

“If you are struggling with the increased cost we would encourage you to contact your supplier to discuss the options available. One step to combat this costs spike is to look around for a better deal, as households can save hundreds of pounds a year by switching."

See how much you can save by switching energy supplier (opens in new tab)
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