The best energy comparison sites: how to compare gas and electric for cheaper bills

It pays to switch energy provider - here are the best energy comparison sites in the UK

energy comparison: compare gas and electric
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Energy comparison is tricky. There are over 70 energy suppliers in the UK, each offering a number of different tariffs to choose between – which makes comparing gas and electricity deals yourself a long, laborious task. (We know, we’ve done it.) That's why when it comes to reducing your energy prices, we recommend using either our quick energy comparison tool, or of the other best energy comparison sites instead. 

Standard energy prices are now capped by the regulator, but it’s a fact that the best energy deals are still found by switching energy supplier. You could save hundreds of pounds every year, especially if you’re one of the roughly 15m UK households on a standard variable or default tariff. So which is the best energy comparison site – and how do you switch? That's where we can help.

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How to switch energy provider

Using an energy comparison service is easy. Simply share some basic details about your home and current energy use, and in less than two minutes you’ll be shown a range of gas and electric quotes to help you save money on your bills. Here's how you do it...

  • Go to our energy comparison page
  • Supply basic details about your home and current energy use
  • Browse the results
  • Switch to the tariff you choose via the price comparison site

How to choose the best energy comparison site 

The best energy comparison sites are Ofgem-accredited, so make sure you look for confirmation of this before choosing a service. It means the energy prices and options you’re shown have been calculated fairly, in an unbiased way – and that the service will have an effective complaints process, too.  

Bear in mind that most independent energy comparison sites will initially show you only a list of tariffs they can switch you to. That's because energy comparison sites make money by charging a fee to the suppliers every time they complete an energy switch. These commercial relationships keep the energy comparison free for customers, and enable the sites to handle the energy switch for you – making it quick, efficient and hassle-free. They also allow the best energy comparison sites to negotiate exclusive deals that you won’t be offered directly by an energy supplier

However, often the very cheapest deals are ones they can’t switch you to (you’ll need to go directly to the energy supplier) so make sure you filter your search results to show all plans. Aside from our own energy comparison service, here's our pick of the rest of the best energy comparison sites out there...

More of the best energy comparison sites in the UK

Energy comparison: compare gas and electric with Money Supermarket

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1. Money Supermarket

The best energy comparison site in the UK overall

Claimed savings in our test: £479 - £504
Founded: 1998
Ofgem accredited: yes
Exclusive deals: yes
Reasons to buy
+Very easy to use+Asked more questions for accurate quotes+Excellent customer reviews 
Reasons to avoid
-Cheapest deals shown were the same as other sites

When it comes to energy comparison, we think independent price comparison service Money Supermarket is the best energy comparison site out there – both for domestic and business customers. It’s reliable: Money Supermarket is fully accredited by Ofgem, and boasts an impressive 4.5 out of 5 star rating from over 1,000 customer reviews over on TrustPilot. 

The website is also easy to use. Simply enter your postcode and energy habits, and you’ll be shown a list of the best energy plans in your area – we were shown over 50 tariffs that MoneySupermarket could switch us to, plus many more deals that we could switch to directly through the supplier. 

Interestingly, all three energy comparison sites in this guide told us that e.on’s Fix Online Exclusive v30 deal (a 12-month fixed-rate contract) was the cheapest we could get. But each calculated our projected energy costs for the next 12 months differently, and therefore showed us a slightly different estimated annual saving from the same deal. 

While we don't yet know which site was most accurate, we did feel reassured about the consensus over which deal to choose. Overall, we found MoneySupermarket to be the easiest energy comparison site to use. The results were presented very clearly, and we would happily use it again to switch energy provider.  

Energy comparison: compare gas and electric with USwitch

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2. USwitch

A beautifully designed energy comparison site that's easy to use

Claimed savings in our test: £495.30 - £519.65
Founded: 1998
Ofgem accredited: yes
Exclusive deals: yes
Reasons to buy
+Quick to use+Good range of quotes+Well-presented results 

USwitch is another of the UK’s best energy comparison sites. It’s been fully accredited by Ofgem since 2006, and boasts an impressive 4.5 out of 5 star rating from over 4,000 customer reviews over on TrustPilot. It’s also authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, and a Feedo 2020 Gold Trusted Service award winner. 

Like MoneySupermarket, USwitch's energy comparison service is very easy to use: it took us less than a minute to provide our details. (Alternatively, you can call the service for free and talk about your energy switch over the phone.)

As we flagged above, USwitch calculated a slightly higher projected annual energy cost for us than Money Supermarket (£1,080 versus Money Supermarket's £1,065), so although the cheapest deal it showed us was the same one Money Supermarket found, USwitch predicted that our annual saving would be £16 higher, at £495.30 (or £519.65, if we looked at tariffs that the site couldn’t switch us too, as well). We don't yet know which prediction is correct – if either – yet, but we'll keep this updated.

One nice touch offered by USwitch is the fact that the company also runs a yearly customer satisfaction report, so you can see how each supplier performs in everything from customer service and value for money to green energy, smart meter installation and more. For reliability, choice and ease of use, we think USwitch is among the best energy comparison sites in the UK.

Energy comparison: compare gas and electric at Energy Helpline

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3. Energy Helpline

Another reliable energy comparison service that will help you switch energy provider

Claimed savings in our test: £453 - or £477
Founded: 2002
Ofgem accredited: yes
Exclusive deals: yes
Reasons to buy
+Easy and fast to use+Great range of tariffs to choose

Energy Helpline is another independent energy comparison service that provides fast, free and friendly advice on the best gas and electricity deals. It’s Ofgem accredited, and compares gas and electricity tariffs from all the most reliable energy suppliers – big and small – in the UK. 

Like USwitch and Money Supermarket, we found the energy comparison service to be easy use. In our tests, Energy Helpline’s cheapest deals were the same as those found by USwitch and Money Supermarket, but Energy Helpline calculated our annual saving from these deals to be lower once again, at £453 (or £477 if we chose the Outfox The Market deal that Energy Helpline couldn’t switch us to).

Customers like the service, too. Energy Helpline averages 4.5 out of five stars at TrustPilot, across just under 3,000 user reviews (in February 2020). Overall, Energy Helpline is a slick, easy-to-use energy comparison site – we just slightly preferred the feel of Money Supermarket.

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