The best gifts for under £150 this Christmas

Bag your tech-savvy friend or family member a seriously good gift for less than £150

Best gifts under £150

The Christmas countdown is now under way, and if you're the organised type you might already be thinking about what you'd like to unwrap on the big day. 

As a reader of T3, you’ll likely be putting a few gadgets at the top of your wish-list – or thinking about buying them for others.

A budget of £150 will bag the tech-savvy gifter some great presents that will make them very popular on the big day, from drones to instant cameras, coffee machines to headphones.  

Whether you’re looking to jazz up your own Christmas list or you’re on the hunt for gift ideas for family and friends, there are loads of great options here to inspire you. 

So, have a read, get shopping and get set for a very merry Christmas. 

Best gift under £150: OKPOW 2MP Wide Angle Selfie Drone

OKPOW 2MP Wide Angle Selfie Drone

A great beginner drone for getting started with aerial photography

Reasons to buy
+Takes high quality photos +Can be used indoors and outdoors
Reasons to avoid
-Harder to fly in windy weather 

Drones have massively increased in popularity throughout 2018, which means that there are more affordable, beginner options available than ever before.

This OKPOW drone features highly on our list of the best drones for beginners thanks to how easy it is to get started with. It has a 2.4 4CH transmitter that offers easy control, and the barometer helps maintain a stable flight height.  

This lets you make the most of the HD camera and capture amazing, high-quality photos with ease. 

If you're buying someone more interested in shooting things than filming, consider the Parrot Mambo Quadcopter mini drone, our top-rated beginner drone.

Best gift under £150: Sennheiser Momentum Free wireless headphones

Sennheiser Momentum Free Wireless Headphones

Train harder with some fancy new wireless in-ears

Reasons to buy
+Signature Momentum sound quality +Reliable connectivity +Six-hour battery life
Reasons to avoid
-Long cable -Silicon tips 

In our humble opinion, these Momentum Free wireless headphones from Sennheiser are the best wireless headphones you can buy for under £100. 

The audio quality is exceptional and the wireless connectivity highly reliable, so you can can guarantee uninterrupted tracks to motivate you through those tough post-Christmas workouts. 

The battery lasts for six hours which is plenty to get you through a few runs or gym sessions without the need for re-charging (the battery that is, you'll be worn out if you're doing it right). 

If you're buying these as a gift, we would recommend using the change from £150 to buy a pair of soft Comply earbud tips to help the person you're buying for get the most of the available sound quality. The existing tips are silicon  and so aren't as secure as the could be.

Best gift under £150: Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 NEO Classic Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 NEO Classic Camera

An affordable instant camera with a retro look and feel

Reasons to buy
+Retro look is hard to beat+A lot of settings for an instant camera+Many deals include film
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive film, as with all instant cameras

While the swanky, new Square SQ20 might be flashier (if you'll pardon the pun), the Mini 90 NEO Classic from Instax is still a great gift if you're looking to spend less than £150. 

Featuring nine shooting modes as well as brightness control and flash setting (forced flash, no flash and red eye reduction), this camera offers a great balance between instant and digital: you get some of the control of a digital camera, but with all of the fun of an instant.

Available in black or brown leather look styles, this Instax camera is the perfect gift for your friend or family member who's a lover of all things retro. 

Best gift under £150: Ariete Retro filter coffee machine

Ariete Retro Filter Coffee Machine

Now making coffee looks as good as drinking it tastes

Reasons to buy
+Vintage look+24 hour programmable timer+Adjustable brew strength 

Continuing on our retro gift theme, check out this vintage style filter coffee machine from Ariete. 

Available in cream, blue or green, this coffee maker uses modern technology but vintage design to create an excellent cup of coffee. Twelve excellent cups of coffee, in fact.

Featuring multiple brew strength settings, an automatic warming plate, pause and serve functionality and a 24 hour programmable timer, your coffee can be ready exactly when you want it and exactly how you want it. 

There's plenty of change from £150, so why not take a look at the matching toaster and kettle in the series?

Best gift under £150: Audio-Technica AT-LP60

Audio-Technica AT-LP60

Help them bring their A-game to the dancefloor this Christmas

Reasons to buy
+Fully automatic and easy to use+Will play most vinyl 
Reasons to avoid
-Not the best sound quality on the market 

We can't seem to get away from retro-living tech this year, and with vinyl continuing its comeback Christmas 2018 is the perfect time to buy a turntable.

If you, or the friend you're shopping for are new to vinyl then this affordable, automatic turntable will make a great present. 

True it doesn't offer the best sound out of all the turntables on the market because of the quality of the built-in phono preamp, but for its price it's a winner.

It’s fully totally automatic, which means it'll change records for you, and has two speed settings. 

Make your Christmas party one to remember!

Best gift under £150: Abus Bordo Lite 6050 bike lock

Abus Bordo Lite 6050 Bike Lock

A practical and nifty gift for the bike-obsessed person in your life

Reasons to buy
+Compact +Light+Very strong 
Reasons to avoid
-Fitting around two bikes is a squeeze

If you've been thinking about what to get your bike-obsessed friend, sibling or parent for Christmas this year and know that a new bike is out of your price range, there are lots of bike accessories that will make the smile on Christmas morning.

Help them keep their most prized-possession safe with a strong and durable bike lock.

This clever design folds up small when not in use, but opens up wide enough to wrap around a bike and lampost or rail. 

It's really light, only 650 grams, which means they can carry it on their bike without worrying about the extra weight. 

Best gift under £150: Philips Wake Up Light

Philips Wake Up Light

Brighten your winter mornings with sunlight

Reasons to buy
+ Sunlight simulation+20 brightness settings+Helps treat S.A.D.+Built-in FM radio 

Waking up on dark winter mornings isn't fun, especially if you have a long commute ahead of you, but the Philips Wake Up Light will stir you to a natural sunrise, regardless of what’s happening on the other side of the curtains.

The Wake Up Light gradually increases from soft red to bright yellow, complete with your choice of relaxing nature sounds, to wake you gently – it sure beats a screaming alarm clock.

Philips’ miracle light isn’t just a great gadget for bleak winter mornings – at night the Wake Up Light simulates the sunset to help your body wind down. The display automatically dims when it senses the room has gone dark, and a midnight light function produces a subtle orange light to help you find your way to bed.

Best gift under £150: Orbit B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Control System

Orbit B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Control System

It's time to extend their smart home technology to the garden

Reasons to buy
+Smart watering system adjusts to deliver the right amount of water to your plants +Fully functional for Android, iOS or web devices +Works with Amazon Alexa

If your green-fingered friend already has all the gardening tools and accessories anyone could need, it's time to introduce them to smart garden tech.  

This feature-rich sprinkler from Orbit makes saving water, time and money easier than ever. It uses advanced weather data to deliver just the right amount of water to plants and grass and even postpones watering whenever rain is forecast. 

It can be controlled using the intuitive timer interface, or using a computer, Android or iOS device. If they already own an Amazon Alexa, they can control the device using their voice too. 

The locking cabinet is wind and water-resistant and so is suitable for indoors or outdoors without the risk of damage from the unpredictable British weather.

Best gift under £150: Manfrotto PIXI Pano 360

Manfrotto PIXI Pano360

The present that will give their videos a cinematic feel

Reasons to buy
+Remotely controlled motorised head+Enhance your action photography+Create awesome moving time lapse videos

Have you ever watched those gorgeous panoramas and moving timelapse videos on YouTube and thought, ‘I’d love to make one of my own’? Well, Manfrotto brings you a big step further this Christmas with its PIXI Pano360, a compact, 360-degree rotating head that can be remotely controlled. 

You can use the PIXI Pano360 to capture and create beautiful videos with ease, controlling the motorised head via the included remote control or via the companion app (iOS, Android). There are four shooting modes to explore: panorama, time-lapse, video and photo.

Thanks to a 2kg load capacity, the Bluetooth PIXIPano360 can easily support your action camera or smartphone, as well as a range of DSLRs and compact system cameras. It’s equipped with a ¼” thread for tripods, making it a versatile part of any videography setup.

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