Should I buy the Zanussi ZOD35660XK Electric Double Built-In Oven?

The Zanussi ZOD35660XK Electric Double Built-In Oven may be the ideal solution for a big family or those cooking up a storm. But is two really better than one?

Zanussi ZOD35660XK
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If you’re regularly cooking up large family feasts or a ‘host with the most’, a double oven can be a real life-saver. Compared to single built-in ovens, you have more flexibility, space and never have to faff about with timings or wait to set different temperatures for each dish. 

But there is much heated debate (no pun!) as to whether a double oven is actually worth buying when you can just have a high-performing, single oven. And while double ovens sales may be dwindling in comparison, the Zanussi ZOD35660XK electric double built-in oven proves there is still great value in them. If you do want more options though, check out our best oven guide to find out which one would suit your preference and budget. 

For large households or those with busy schedules in particular, the Zanussi ZOD35660XK electric double built-in oven makes an ideal option, saving on time (and energy). We take a further look at the specs to find out how it compares to its single counterparts.

Zanussi ZOD35660XK Electric Double Oven: Price & release date

Zanussi has been at the forefront of affordable, domestic appliances, which explains why this double built-in oven is popular among consumers. Originally released in 2017, this Zanussi ZOD35660XK  is very reasonably priced for a high-spec oven, starting from only around £429. 

And while you may be able to find cheaper alternatives on the market, you may not be getting certain innovative features, as we'll come to. Before you buy, it may be worthwhile considering how often you spend cooking in the kitchen and how you will fully utilise it.

Zanussi ZOD35660XK Electric Double Oven: Key features

The Zanussi ZOD35661XK built-in double oven comes with several impressive features. Firstly, it’s equipped with a combined oven and grill plus an additional fanned oven, making it easier to cook several dishes at once. There’s a standard or fast grill, enabling you to crisp, grill or brown to suit your taste.  

Its main feature is the ‘Multiplus’ with ring element, that evenly distributes heat around the oven on both the top and bottom levels. This results in evenly cooked and crisp meals without the annoying task of swapping trays around. It also has True Fan Cooking for pre-heated hot air, ensuring the oven reaches high temperatures quickly, and a Set and Go function to cook dishes for a set time, then switch off automatically.

The oven itself is spacious with a top oven capacity of 42 litres, while the bottom has a 66-litre capacity. It’s worthwhile noting that it only comes with one rack in each oven (instead of the standard two racks) which may not be convenient for some. 

Design-wise, its attractive black and stainless steel design looks modern, and has an interior light and viewing window to keep an eye on those roasts.  It’s simple to use with four manual, control temperature dials and LED digital display. Best of all, it has a useful defrost fan function that speeds up thawing time of foods properly without the use of heat. 

The oven is easy to clean and maintain with its removable door and glass panes, while the fingerprint-proof finish eliminates those unsightly prints. Ideal for families with young children or pets!

Zanussi ZOD35660XK Electric Double Oven: Downsides

There are a few reasons you might not choose this oven based on user reviews, but for what it’s worth, they are relatively minor. 

For one, the grill handle isn’t supplied with the oven, but needs to be purchased as a separate item. In addition, there is only one rack in both ovens, which could be an issue for some who may not want to purchase them as extra items. 

Users have also mentioned they would have preferred a bleep once the oven reached a high temperature, and a fully-digital control panel. However, these were not deal-breakers, and did not take away from the top cooking performance – and for the price, it's no big problem that they're missing.

Zanussi ZOD35660XK lights on

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Zanussi ZOD35660XK Electric Double Oven: Conclusion

In terms of performance, the Zanussi ZOD35660XK electric double oven certainly delivers well, and potentially cuts cooking time by half. Not only is it multifunctional but consistently cooks your culinary delights more evenly and crisp throughout. 

With sufficient capacity, the features are convenient for cooking multiple dishes at once, especially for busy households. 

Bear in mind, you’d need to purchase additional accessories to get the most out of the oven. However, the Zanussi ZOD35660XK still works out to be good value for money. 

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