Cheat your way to culinary success with Sharp's new super-clever oven

Plus a whole range of smart appliances including a fridge that warns you when you leave the door open

Sharp has revealed the Sharp Smart series, a brand new appliance line-up featuring the very latest smart technologies. The £700 Love2Cook Oven is a smart solution for hapless cooks - based on the number of people you want to cook for, it will work out the correct ingredient quantities.

The oven even enables you to speed up cooking times if you ever need to bring the mealtime forward for any reason (like people having to leave early or an unexpected football practice).

The new smart range also includes a smart French double door fridge/freezer (£2,012), dishwasher (£875) and washing machine (£875). The new line-up is designed to appeal to everyone from cooking enthusiasts and home entertainers to busy professionals and novice cooks.

You can control them all from anywhere via the Sharp Home Appliances app, available for iOS and Android - all you need is your product serial number to get started. The range is capable of sending you updates and notifications, even contacting Sharp directly in the event that there is be a problem. 

The service team can use the notifications from the device to diagnose the problem so they can phone you and arrange an engineering visit rather than the other way around. For simpler issues like a small leak, the machine will inform you first. 

The devices will also warn you if there is something you can sort out yourself, such as closing the fridge door if you've left it open as well as when your cooking or washing cycle is finished. 

Sharp says the smart technologies will also help it to improve future products. Many of these home appliances will be made in a huge Turkish factory the size of 10 football fields that T3 recently journeyed to check out. 

The factory produces appliances at a staggering rate, including one new dishwasher every 30 seconds and a new oven every 42 seconds.   

Love2Cook Oven

Available in black or stainless steel, this smart oven offers a generous cooking capacity of 78 litres as well as an expansive range of 10 programmes and 150 chef-created recipes. You can remotely set the RoastPro Turnspit or check on the cooking progress via your smartphone or tablet. There's also a  RoastPro Digital MeatProbe so you can check for even cooking. Pre-heat times are also cut by up to 50 percent, while a boost setting enables you to bring forward meal times.  

Sharp Smart Double French Door Fridge/freezer

This superb machine enables you to adapt the space according to the contents of your shopping basket, you can use the Sharp Home Appliances app to convert one or both freezer compartments into additional fridge space. Eco Mode enables you to save energy if you spend less time at home, while you can enable Holiday Mode, too. ExtraCool and ExtraFreeze functions mean your newly bought groceries reach recommended storage temperatures more quickly.

Sharp Smart Dishwasher

This A+++ rated, fourteen place setting dishwasher can be set to run at any time while there are a whole range of programmes including an 18-minute cycle. An IntelliWash feature calculates the level of cleaning required for each cycle, automatically setting the ideal temperature, duration and energy consumption. The AutoDoor automatically opens after each cycle, so that any remaining steam can escape. An ExtraSilent setting reduces water pressure for quieter operation. 

Sharp Smart Washing Machine

This 8kg machine gives you remote access to a whole range of programmes including 22 stain-fighting functions and a twelve-minute cycle, which can clean up to 2kg of clothing for a weekend away. If the machine is less than half full, it will automatically reduce  water and energy consumption as well as programme duration to suit the load. You're also able to set the washing machine to run more quietly.

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